BigCommerce (credit image/Pixabay/Pexel)BMW Group UK have launched the BMW Shop on the BigCommerce platform. BigCommerce technology partner Autofixa Solutions was approached by BMW Group UK to launch new stores for both the BMW and MINI brands. Autofixa is a provider of marketplace solutions for the automotive industry. The solution features ERP integrations that sync inventory supplies and pricing data directly with the stores. The store primarily serves consumers, but business customers also use it as an easy alternative for locating and purchasing specific parts.

BigCommerce was selected because it provides a stable and scalable platform out of the box. The solution is expected to help accelerate BMW Group UK’s ability to make improvements to its storefronts. BMW say it chose BigCommerce for the robustness of its platform, exceptional functionality and strong partner ecosystem.

Provided with the necessary tools, infrastructure and support

“BigCommerce provided the necessary tools, infrastructure and support to ensure BMW Group’s stores would be successful,” said Graham Broughton, co-founder and CEO of Autofixa. “The scalability of its platform ensures it can handle rapid growth, while its partner network provides access to experts in various eCommerce areas.”

Leveraging BigCommerce enabled BMW Group UK to support an increase in product ranges and categories, and add additional functionality. This included pay-over-time options and improved the overall customer shopping experience.

A middleware platform, Hemi Connect is integrated to the merchant’s ERP system. This pushes stock prices not only to the marketplaces but also to the eCommerce shop. As a result, creating an omnichannel solution for the merchant and negating issues such as overselling or price parity.

(Image credit/LinkedIn/Mark Adams, VP and General manager Europe, BigCommerce)
Mark Adams, senior vice president and general manager for EMEA at BigCommerce

“The BigCommerce platform and Autofixa’s innovative marketplace technology combined to create impressive new BMW and MINI storefronts. It was up and running quickly after the project started,” said Mark Adams, senior vice president and general manager of EMEA at BigCommerce. “BMW Group UK now has a platform that can scale with its growth and deliver an exceptional customer experience.”

Enterprise Times: What this means for business.

Last year, The BMW Group expanded its relationship with Adobe. The partnership is aimed at supporting the company’s digital transformation of its sales and marketing division. BMW Group includes BMW, Rolls-Royce, MINI and BMW Motorrad, was planning to leverage Adobe Experience Cloud to deliver personalised digital experiences. The company plans to sell a quarter of all its vehicles online within the next three years.

We can only assume that BMW UK Group’s decision to utilise the BigCommerce platform complies with the overall direction of the BMW Group. The company’s announcement failed to outline the user experience planned for customers using the new site. Furthermore, no mention of how the company was to deliver the personalised digital experience, expected for a prestigious brand such as BMW. For BigCommerce, BMW Group UK joins a growing group of automotive merchants on the BigCommerce platform. This includes BB Wheels, Brock’s Performance and Van Cafe.

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