NIBs (credit image/Pixabay/Steve001)Retail and eCommerce highlights this week include: Mirakl and Havas, one of the world’s largest global communications organisations, have formed a global partnership to accelerate eCommerce and retail media growth. Twilio has published a report that suggests European consumers are in “open relationships” with brands.

Twilio’s Relationship Economy 2023: How brands can be successful in a non-monogamous world report reveal how brands can meet changing customer expectations and thrive in the relationship economy. Acquia has launched an integration hub Acquia Exchange. The company says the new hub enhances the flexibility and extensibility of its digital experience platform (DXP).

BigCommerce has launched its new B2B Edition Invoice Portal for large B2B suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers. The solution aims to modernise the invoice payment process for B2B enterprises.

Infosys launches industry cloud to catalyse the digital transformation of the commercial airline industry

Infosys has launched Infosys Cobalt Airline Cloud (ICAC), an industry cloud offering designed for commercial airlines to help them accelerate their digital transformation journey. The company has leveraged its deep domain experience and expertise in the travel and hospitality sector to build ICAC, which will aim to deliver personalised experiences, optimised operations, and net zero journeys for clients.

The ICAC platform is built on composable architecture principles that draw from the overall framework of Infosys Cobalt, a set of services, solutions and platforms for enterprises to accelerate their cloud journey. ICAC provides solutions, APIs and re-usable business assets that can be used for:

  • Transforming the legacy workloads through disassembling and creating composable functional capabilities enabled by cloud technologies.
  • Addressing the key areas of business process efficiency and customer experiences, with an aim to provide tangible improvements in existing processes.
  • Improving customer experiences by ensuring accuracy in baggage delivery, leveraging precision-based gate to gate bag transfers, helping reduce Missed Bag Rate in hub airports by up to 50%.
  • Efficiency in operations by reducing Unit Load Device misplacement and losses, to less than 2%, from the current industry average of more than 5%, through tracking and tracing methods enabled through machine learning.
  • Ensuring smooth operations and enhancing passenger safety by leveraging AI for crowd control, theft, security, and reducing cost of manual airport operations.
  • Optimising network and route planning to help in decarbonization efforts and emission control.

Additionally, Infosys will combine its industry-specific knowledge, technological capabilities, and key elements of Infosys Cobalt to help airline companies transform their business landscape, foster poly-cloud opportunities, and innovate at scale with regulatory and security frameworks.

Mangopay and VTEX partner to support global marketplace success

Mangopay is a platform-specific payment infrastructure provider and VTEX enterprise digital commerce platform for premier brands and retailers. It has announced a global partnership to offer an integration that will enable marketplace operators to cover both pay-in and pay-out on a single solution. Together, they aim to bolster the limitless growth of global marketplaces by ensuring frictionless buying and selling experiences.

As the world anticipates an impending recession, retail businesses are intensifying their platformisation efforts. In these times, the search for external expertise to navigate intricate business models and dynamic customer demands has become paramount. Recognising this challenge, Mangopay and VTEX have joined forces to redefine the dynamics of marketplace operations.

This collaboration signifies a groundbreaking shift towards enhanced efficiency and scalability in marketplaces. Marketplaces powered by VTEX will be able to cater to local payment preferences, thanks to Mangopay’s modular global payment infrastructure. Integration introduces a swift and seamless seller onboarding process, complete with thorough identity verification.

commercetools launches commercetools Connect, supporting frictionless integrations

commercetools has launched commercetools Connect, an application to make it easier for businesses to integrate new components into the commercetools Composable Commerce platform. The company says the new addition to commercetools’ product suite enables businesses to launch new integrations in a matter of minutes.

Beyond speed to market, Connect entirely takes care of integration hosting, maintenance, execution, monitoring, and security for businesses, allowing them to focus on core business innovations. With guaranteed uptime SLAs of 99.9% for all connectors and regular scans for stability and security, businesses significantly reduce technical and operational risk.

Bloomreach, Fluent Commerce, fulfillmentools, Klaviyo, Marketplacer, NewStore, Talon.One, TrustElevate, and Voucherify are a select few of the partner integrations that are available through commercetools Connect.

RedKangaroo launches world’s first “Organic Growth” marketing platform utilising social media

RedKangaroo has launched what it describes as the world’s First “Organic Growth” Marketing Platform utilising Social Media. It allows users to receive discounts, special offers, cashback and one-of-a-kind experiences just for promoting brands to friends, family and followers.

Brands that partner with RedKangaroo can quickly and easily start word-of-mouth marketing campaigns and choose rewards for users. Users who opt-in and help spread the word via social media and texts are rewarded each time, incentivizing them to continue with these promotions.

Whether it’s posting hashtags, sharing with your friends via text or sending invite codes, brands will see an affordable, reliable and authentic way to increase their digital presence.

This is made possible by RedKangaroo’s proprietary Proof of Love technology, offering food, beverage, cosmetics and pet food brands a direct connection to their fans, with immediate and significant results: new customers, brand awareness, reduced churn, added revenues and increased foot traffic.

Founded in 2022, RedKangaroo recently raised $1.1M in pre-seed funding, with $800,000 from GFR Fund and $300,000 personally invested by RedKangaroo founder Balaji Krishnan, a six-time serial entrepreneur who also founded Displace, the world’s first truly wireless TV. RedKangaroo has already partnered with multiple leading beverage brands, including Frazy and HOP WTR, and will use the funds to scale its technology platform in major U.S. markets while bringing in additional partners.

Qdos teams up with UNRVLD for a new business insurance experience

Leading insurance and tax services provider, Qdos, has partnered with UNRVLD to unveil a new brand identity and a customer-first digital journey that’s rewriting the rulebook.

The fresh, bold look and revamped brand strategy are all about connecting with today’s diverse and flexible self-employed workforce. Qdos is stepping up to deliver a modern digital experience that today’s market demands, catering to freelancers, sole traders, contractors and businesses.

UNRVLD understands that finding the right insurance and tax services can be a headache. That’s why we have engineered a new user experience that aims to remove the frustrating buying experience typical of the business insurance sector.

Now, Qdos’ tax and insurance services come together on one single Sitecore platform, creating a seamless user experience. We’ve simplified customer journeys and improved navigation so users can quickly grasp the value of offerings right from the start.

Central to this was a much-needed re-invention of the Qdos quote process. The previous confusing forms have been replaced with a step-by-step pathway, making it simple to buy insurance almost instantly. The solution has added product personalisation to present users with the most relevant options at the perfect time during their online journey.

Helium 10 expands Its Walmart Connect offerings with AI-enhanced Adtomic integration

Helium 10, a provider of eCommerce solutions for brands, agencies and sellers, has announced the release of its Precision AI upgrade to bolster its already powerful Adtomic solution for Walmart Connect advertising management.

Powered by Precision AI, an enhanced advertising decisioning and machine learning AI, the upgraded solution delivers advanced automated insights for data-driven decisions with new capabilities to help sellers, brands and agencies scale and grow their businesses on Walmart’s website and app.

The new Precision AI-powered solution builds upon Helium 10’s existing proprietary Adtomic advertising offering with new capabilities like streaming data updates to support faster decision-making, keyword opportunities and automated bid suggestions to further streamline campaign creation and optimization.

The enhanced solution provides valuable real-time insights and tools to help optimize advertising performance, maximize ROAS and boost brand awareness.

Precision AI leverages advanced algorithms, audience signals and machine learning to help streamline campaign management and track benchmarks and KPIs to help brands, sellers, and agencies gain a competitive edge in today’s ecommerce landscape.

For current Adtomic customers, the AI-upgrade unlocks more precise automation, an enhanced user experience and more up-to-date and robust reporting capabilities, among others.

Adtomic with Precision AI is the first of several new features set to roll out by Helium 10 in the coming months to help brands, sellers, and agencies optimize their advertising campaigns.


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