ATS Recuitment HR Image by Isabela bela from PixabayRippling, the rapidly growing workforce management platform, has launched Rippling Recruiting. This new Applicant Tracking Solution (ATS) aims to provide an end-to-end recruitment and selection solution integrated with the Rippling WFM platform. Rippling believes it differentiates from pure-play ATS applications because of the deeper integration across hiring managers, HR and Finance.

The main advantage is that the ATS solution is part of the HRIS solution. That means, hiring managers can identify the need and process the requirement for hiring. They can see progress in the recruitment process and then be involved in the selection process. It provides visibility of outstanding tasks, pipelines and KPIs for the hiring process. Rippling Recruitment provides a command centre that links financial budgets, resource requirements, and the applicant process.

Daniel Green, Product Lead, Rippling
Daniel Green, Product Lead, Rippling

Daniel Green, Product Lead, Rippling, said, “At a time when businesses are looking for ways to boost efficiency and ensure everyone is freed up to add value to their organisation, Rippling Recruiting is set to play a key role in helping companies unleash staff from the shackles of recruitment-based administrative work. 

“Other systems start at sourcing and end at recruiting – and that’s how Rippling Recruiting is different. It connects every step of the hiring lifecycle and automates all of the administrative work along the way, no matter the company size. This means employees across the business are freed up to target the right people and get the right skills in the door to set their organisations up for success.” 

What is Rippling Recruiting?

Out of the box, Rippling provides best practice templates for their hiring processes. Organisations can modify these and create pipeline stages and methods for candidate assessment and interviews. They can create different templates for different roles. Perhaps a single interview for junior staff or a three-stage interview for more senior staff.

Rippling Recruitment also has integrations to over 25,000 job boards, ensuring the whole process is automated. Here are also integrations to hiring apps such as Zoom, Gem, BrightHire and HackerRank.

The entire process is tracked and visible to HR, hiring managers and executives. With different dashboards reports available to each, providing the relevant metrics. For example, the executive dashboard might provide the median time in the pipeline, offer acceptance rate over time, milestone passthrough rate and hires by source.  Hiring managers might have access to scheduled interviews, applications, and an action list for making decisions on candidates with feedback rankings from the selection process.

One of the useful features of the candidate assessment is that each selection stage offers the opportunity to provide scores. They also add textual feedback about the test, interview or other engagement. When making decisions hiring managers are presented with a colour-coded summary of that feedback to help make decisions faster. This helps automate the process for rejected candidates where a high volume of applications are made. It provides structured, evidenced reasons why a candidate was rejected.

A centralised approach

The ATS solution on the same platform as the WFM solution, Rippling, maintains a single set of data. This reduces the need for organisations to manage processes using spreadsheets. It also reduces manual data entries and ensures an audit trail in case of any internal or external dispute.

Rippling notes the following benefits of this centralised approach:

  • Recruiting data (i.e. candidate pipeline) is always accurate because Rippling knows exactly where every candidate is, across every stage of every team’s interview process, and who has new and stale offers out.
  • HR data (i.e. in-seat employees) is always accurate because Rippling knows who accepted their offer and where they are in the onboarding process.
  • Finance data (i.e. headcount plan and costs) is always accurate because Rippling knows exactly how many people have been approved and which roles have been filled (or haven’t, in cases where a candidate has reneged on their offer after the fact).

Importantly, the centralised approach also means that the transition between selection and onboarding is seamless. With data from one feeding directly into the other. Hiring Managers are also fully aware of the new employees, and the transition between the two processes is also seamless for them.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This is a sensible extension of the Rippling solution. It will enable customers to reduce the use of spreadsheets to consolidate the number of systems within the organisation. While the pricing for Rippling starts at £7 per user per month and Recruiting is part of HR Cloud, the actual price point is only available upon enquiry.

This appears to be a full features ATS. It has the advantage of being fully integrating into the wider Rippling HRIS solution. While it is unclear whether existing users will need to pay additional costs, it is certainly worth a look, regardless of whether the organisations are using Spreadsheets or another HRIS solution.

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