Robot AI Image by Tumisu from PixabayPipefy has announced Pipefy AI. It has combined artificial intelligence with its no-code process management and automation platform. The new solution will enable Open AI’s Chat GPT4 to deliver a natural language interface that can provide insights into data and increase the development cycle of new processes.

Pipefy highlights four key advantages to the new tool that customers and prospects can register to try out here.

  • Amplify your efficiency: Capture more efficiency gains with the power of Open AI and GPT-4.
  • Stay decision-ready: Reveal new insights into trends, root causes, and process performance.
  • Perfect any process: Effortlessly build any process, whether simple or complex.
  • No-code, no barriers: Take no-code to the next level and empower teams to work smarter and faster.

Users could request details of the PO cycle time and then ask for details about what delays there are in the cycle time. Answers are given in seconds; the better the question, the more useful the answer. This is a skill that users will need to learn. Once the

The AI can then help features such as a process, database, or automation rule. When building a process, as with Chat GPT, the more complete the instruction, the better the process. The example given stated, “I want to capture and manage purchasing requests from request to pay. I’d like those requests to be automatically approved, and the PO issued if the purchase is below $200 and is being solicited by a manager or above.”

Clearly, there could be more caveats, noting that it should not go above the total budget amount for the spend category, but this is a powerful tool. The system will build the process automatically, enabling business users to create automations in a language they understand.

Alessio Alionço, CEO of Pipefy
Alessio Alionço, CEO of Pipefy

Alessio Alionço, CEO of Pipefy, commented, “By combining artificial intelligence with Pipefy’s process management platform, we are taking no-code to the next level and enabling users to access new data analysis and process efficiency features.

“In a matter of seconds, Pipefy AI can help business leaders and their teams detect trends, uncover root causes, and automate their processes, easier and faster than ever before.” 

A new generation – beyond no-code?

Is this automation without even a mention of code? No-code transitionally means using a drag-and-drop interface to connect entities and map actions against them. This requires a degree of logical thinking, and understanding pseudo code certainly helps. What Pipefy AI offers is a way of interacting with systems potentially with only the need to understand the business.

Alionço adds, “Pipefy AI demonstrates the evolution of the Pipefy platform to keep pace with changing business needs and advances in technology. Pipefy AI fulfills the promise of no-code, which is to make it easier for everyone in the business to work smarter and faster, and make better decisions every day. It’s about providing process optimization capabilities for everyone, so that businesses can achieve process efficiency everywhere.”

Enterprise Times; What does this mean

This takes no-code to a new level, but it is not without its dangers. Pipefy AU will become available in the coming weeks. Once on the waitlist, users can test the solution on top of the Pipefy platform in a few weeks.

However, there are risks. Pipefy has not, in the release or materials available, provided information about how it will make the AI explain what it has done. The solution relies on what the AI and the user understand about the data and the processes the Ai is asking to build around. As noted above, approval flows are not always that simple and building a logical construct to meet all the requirements may not be simple. This is potentially a huge solution for business analysts as it will enable them to “codify” their findings into actual business processes that are immediately implemented.

One wonders what the next stage is. Will the AI be able to test the new process and provide insight into where the process may fail? Combining AI and Chat GPT will certainly change our lives. However, there needs to be some caution around this; otherwise, mistakes will be made.

Pipefy AI will become available to current Pipefy users in the coming weeks. Those wanting to experience Pipefy AI can join the waitlist to be notified when the features are available.


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