Professional Services Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayThis week, the big news is the merger of KeyedIn and Sciforma, bringing their solutions under a single brand. Other news includes product announcements from Procore, Teamwork, and Kantata. Wrike announced that its solution is now available on the AWS marketplace.


The latest update for Kantata OX includes the ability to rename dashboard filters within Dynamic Dashboards. It allows users to assign meaningful names to newly created filters within these dashboards. The filter names are not retained in other areas of Kantata OX.


Procore announced its latest offering, Procore Risk Advisors. It will simplify and improve one of the construction industry’s biggest challenges: insurance. Procore Risk Advisors is a modern construction brokerage offering enhanced insurance solutions, including exclusive A+, rated insurance programs in partnership with Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty and Swiss Re.

Procore Risk Advisors offers:

  • Exclusive capacity: In-house underwriting programs with rapid quote times backed by A+ rated carriers.
  • Improved terms: Procore aims to help clients secure more favourable terms by leveraging data-driven insights from the Procore platform.
  • Construction expertise: Expert risk partner with experience mitigating risk with technology and an App Marketplace with more than 400 partners.

Tooey Courtemanche, Founder, President and CEO of  Procore, commented, “For the past two decades, Procore’s vision has been to improve the lives of everyone in construction, and Procore Risk Advisors helps us further this vision by modernizing the construction insurance space.”

“Bringing everyone in construction onto a global platform has clear benefits: better communication, less rework, and safer projects—all of which helps mitigate risk. It also means construction decision makers around the globe are generating a tremendous amount of data that they can leverage to enhance insurance underwriting decisions helping to mitigate their risk.”

Sciforma / KeyedIn

Sciforma and KeyedIn have merged. The companies will share product innovation and functionalities, including developing more advanced Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) functionalities and AI capabilities to tackle the competitive markets it operates in.

Sciforma CEO Doug Braun, who will continue as CEO of the newly merged entity, commented, “Both the Sciforma and KeyedIn PPM solutions are recognized by analysts and customers for their robust capabilities. As we move forward together, we will strengthen our complementary core offerings with the addition of advanced AI and innovative strategies enabling our customers in their quest for further digital transformation.

“In combining our two workforces, Sciforma and KeyedIn will also reinforce our leadership presence and professional services support and expertise.”

Lauri Klaus, KeyedIn CEO, commented, “By joining forces with Sciforma, KeyedIn will be able to offer customers an even more complete PPM solution. We will be better positioned to respond to the needs of customers across all industries, who are looking to drive agile transformation, accelerate product delivery, mobilize fast moving teams, respond to disruptions, and achieve a competitive advantage for their digital initiatives.”

What isn’t clear is what will happen to KeyedIn’s ERP solution. The merged company will double its size in North America and Asia. In Europe, the companies have little crossover, with KeyedIn strong in the UK and Nordic countries, while Sciforma is strong in France, the Benelux and Germany. Neither party disclosed the terms of the deal.


Teamwork has added a retainer solution to its task management solution. It enables users to create, manage and report on retainers, the long-term contract between a business and a client based on ongoing services.

Retainers are flexible and support different use cases, such as if a client is over or under budget. Amounts can either be rolled over or invoiced. Users can set a default billable rate during each contract, reducing complaints and invoice queries. The solution includes graphics that deliver an overview of how the retainer is used, whether under or over budget.

There are advantages of a shift to a subscription model from a project-based one. It is easier to budget for both agencies and customers and improves cash flow management for the agency.


Wrike is now available in the AWS Marketplace, a digital catalogue with thousands of listings from independent software vendors. It makes it easy to find, test, buy and deploy software that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Archie Sharma, Vice President of Partnerships, Business & Corporate Development at Wrike, commented. “AWS Marketplace unlocks an opportunity for organizations to decrease transaction friction and have more flexible payment options.

“This all ladders up to our larger goal of allowing organizations to save on software consolidation and free teams up from app overload so they can focus on their most impactful work. We are thrilled to support the AWS mission of helping customers find the best possible solutions by joining the AWS Partner Network and making our solution available in AWS Marketplace.”


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