Granularity Sugar Image by Bruno /Germany from PixabayNetSuite is holding Suite Connect in London again, with Evan Goldberg leading the keynote. The event provides an opportunity for customers, partners and the NetSuite leadership to meet and build relationships with each other. Many of the attendees are NetSuite partners that have helped NetSuite drive considerable growth over the last few years since Oracle acquired it. It is noteworthy that it is probably the only Oracle acquisition over the last few years that has frequently been mentioned in the quarterly results.

That success owes much to the NetSuite partner eco-system and how NetSuite supports it both before, during and after the selling process. As a result, NetSuite has not only had success, but its partners worldwide have also grown significantly.

NetSuite Solution Providers experience rapid growth

In EMEA, the number of partners grew by 20% in 2022. What will entice other firms to partner with NetSuite is the success that those have had. On average, partners grew their revenue by 24% on average in 2022. They also signed 20% more logos in 2022 compared to 2021. However, whether that number is an average or the total growth is unclear. It also doesn’t indicate whether the increase considers the new partners.

What is noticeable is the effort that NetSuite has put into its eco-system is rewarding those that are investing in it. The newly onboarded NetSuite Solution Providers within EMEA signed their first logo 32% faster in 2022 than in 2021. Again NetSuite omitted the actual time elapsed. Nor did it indicate how quickly the partners’ revenues started to flow in.

One successful partner is Eureka Solutions, a five-star award winner whose implementations include St Andrews Links Trust and Derby County Football Club.

Alan Miles, NetSuite sales director, Eureka Solutions, commented, “Over the last 12 months, our NetSuite division has grown 20%, with 28% growth in new logos. In addition, existing NetSuite customers are re-engaging with us on additional projects and services, as they continue to unlock the value of the system. We’ve been a NetSuite partner for 10 years, and last year was the most growth we’ve had.

“This growth is testament to the continued focus NetSuite has on supporting its partners, and how SuiteLife equips us with the tools and resources we need to constantly grow and build. We’ve been able to add more staff to our sales, business development, and marketing teams, so we can double down and win even more business.”

To help partners, NetSuite launched the SuiteLife Campus in May 2022. This virtual training course was initially offered only in English. It does not appear to have extended the language set on the current schedule. The training course has accelerated the onboarding of partners so they can deliver value. It also ensures that existing partners understand the current capabilities and latest Suite Success methodologies. The inference is this is behind the rapid deal-making for newly onboarded partners.

One business that tool graduates through the training is £RP. Adam Johnson, director of 3RP, commented, “SuiteLife Campus is a game-changer for us and the wider NetSuite eco-system. In a competitive market where top quality NetSuite resources are highly valued, SuiteLife Campus offers a comprehensive and rapid onboarding program to help partners like us gain deeper expertise and become more qualified consultants.

“Combined with traditional development and training plans, SuiteLife Campus is supporting the next generation of NetSuite talent and is an integral part of our hiring and training strategy.”

Alliance Partner program strengthens

Alliance Partners have a dedicated practice composed of team members with solid financial and accounting systems experience. They may have experience in other functional areas, including CRM, HCM or omnichannel commerce. They are also likely to focus on a specific industry or industries. Alliance partners include Infosys, Deloitte and PwC UK. PwC UK is one of the latest to join the eco-system.

Amit Bothra, technology, data & analytics director, PwC UK, said, “PwC UK is excited to join the NetSuite Alliance Partner program and bring the power of NetSuite ERP to more clients. This relationship broadens our portfolio of technology advisory services and allows our clients to benefit from a fast and configurable implementation of NetSuite to help them be more efficient, productive, and profitable.

“PwC UK’s mission is to deliver sustained outcomes and help clients solve their most important problems, and we see NetSuite as an important part of that process.”

Enterprise Times:  What does this mean

It is important to note that NetSuite is growing its customer base globally. Much of that growth is due to its partner base, enabling it to hear of and engage in more engagements than if it merely used an inside sales motion.

Chris Norfolk, Channel Director, EMEA
Chris Norfolk, Channel Director, EMEA

What is interesting about this announcement, which Chris Norfolk, Channel Director, EMEA, wrote, is the metrics are making public. While there are no numbers, Oracle rarely provides these except when it releases results, and these are sparse; they are insightful.

Few other organisations publish how successful their partner eco-system is. NetSuite appears to have the right mix between the time partners spend training, reducing their onboarding time and enabling them to deliver implementations quickly. The evidence is the increase in revenue. Norfolk isn’t sharing where and why it goes wrong and where and why companies excel. The key is that the NetSuite solution is leading the way for mid-market ERP solutions and is becoming one of the few must-haves on a tender list.

The future looks bright, and Suite Connect will provide a good opportunity for prospective and existing partners to build or improve their relationships with customers and NetSuite.


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