Hot air balloon launch Image by Michael Bußmann from PixabayRivery, the vendor that provides a complete SaaS-based ELT platform, has launched a new partner programme to attract and enhance existing partners. The new partner program expands Rivery’s support to technology, service and consultancy partners. The ethos around the new programme is flexibility.

Kyra Purvis, VP of Partnerships & Alliances, commented, “Flexibility is at the heart of engagement. With a ‘give to get’ approach, we developed an ecosystem for partners to tailor their approach according to their customers’ unique needs, entrusting us to support their goals. Trust is a key factor in enabling us to grow our business together.”

Kyra Purvis, VP of Partnerships & Alliances
Kyra Purvis, VP of Partnerships & Alliances

The idea and sponsorship for the new program came from the top. Itmar Ben Hemo, co-founder and CEO, led the engagement with two global Sis. The collaborative co-sell model that Sis prefer has now been refined for smaller partners. It gives partners more flexibility in their approach to the market. One size does not fit all, and what is key is that the Rivery partner mode will enable partners to switch between two approaches depending upon either business or customer needs.

The Cosell model

This model lets partners focus on selling and delivering services for larger data management projects. These projects could include modernising data stacks, cloud migrations and advertising use cases.

The Resell model

The Resell model rewards partners for driving the consumption of the Rivery technology stack. Importantly, this is less about the sell and more about the usage, i.e. successful adoption.

Partners can switch between the two paths. What is good about this approach is that it rewards partners who sell the solution and deliver services for a specific product. It also ensures that when customers provide implementation services internally, there is a benefit to investing and pushing through the sale.

Partners seem to like the approach

Rivery has sensibly worked with partners to agree on the programme. It has long been a challenge for SaaS vendors to bring partners and attract partners to their ecosystem. This new model will suit a wider selection of partners.

Chris Tabb, co-founder & CCO LEIT Data, a Rivery partner, commented, “It’s clear how important a two-way relationship is to make the partnership successful. From the beginning, Rivery made sure there was alignment on our compatibility around our ideal customer profile. Time is currency so it’s great that Rivery understands this by conducting a technical validation process, to not only evaluate us, but give us a chance to evaluate them in return, to ensure we’re confident in investing in this relationship.”

What will the partner model deliver?

The new partner model also brings partners closer to Rivery. Rivery promotes an open community where partners can share views and offer feedback about the solution. Most vendors are committing to listening to suggestions for the product roadmap and strengthening the links within their ecosystem. What isn’t clear is how they will achieve this.

The programme consists of four pillars:

  • Sales
  • Product
  • Marketing
  • Partner management

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

There is little detail behind the four pillars, and the technology supporting this partner program isn’t known. However, the Flexibility behind this initiative is interesting and should help engage existing and new partners.

Importantly, partners will be rewarded if they do put in the effort. There are unanswered questions, however. Can partners work together? After all, one partner may be better at selling Rivery, whilst another is better at implementing. It will be interesting to see how the Rivery partner page develops to reflect these changes. As of writing, its old partner model seems to dominate.

Rivery will need to share more details about the flexibility aspect of this new program as well as the details behind it. However, what they seemed to have developed could be used as a model elsewhere.


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