Marketplace (Image credit/Pixabay/fifthfloorleft0)Even the Salesforce marketplace now has marketplaces. The launch by Copado of its DevOps Exchange, a DevOps marketplace for SaaS solutions, is not only an indication of the maturity of Capado’s low-code Dev-Ops platform but also reflects well on Salesforce. While Salesforce may be feeling disruption in its executive team, Copado is showing that its ecosystem is not only alive but thriving.

At launch, the DevOps Exchange has 42 listings, of which 29 are free to download. Most of the Copado listings are free to download, including one of the two that already have five-star reviews, the Copado Salesforce CPQ template. The second is from a Copado partner, Centro, which enables organisations to embed Slack into a Copado DevOps Workflow.

Each listing gives a basic overview of the solution, an overview of the organisation providing it, and reviews. The front page allows users to search for specific entries or filter by solution type (there are currently five: Data Template, Integration, Enterprise Applications, Functions and Test Scripts) as well as price, the Copado product it relates to, and the average number of stars from reviews, most do not have stars yet.

Why is DevOps Exchange important

The marketplace will enable firms to rapidly accelerate their digital transformation journey, taking advantage of the Copado DevOps platform for Salesforce. While DevOps itself can accelerate transformation, what Copado has cleverly done is ensure that organisations can accelerate and refine their DevOps platform with a range of other solutions allowing them to further iterate what they have. It opens the Copado DevOps platform to a wide range of enhancements without having to wait for Copado to develop them.

David Brooks, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy at Copado.
David Brooks, senior vice president of Product Strategy at Copado.

David Brooks, senior vice president of Product Strategy at Copado, commented, “Just as AppExchange became the leading marketplace for Salesforce apps, Copado is advancing the DevOps market for enterprise SaaS by offering an extensible platform supported by solutions from our partners and community members.

“With the solutions found in the Copado DevOps Exchange, development teams can deliver continuous innovation with speed and quality even for the most complex enterprise IT environments where an end-to-end business process spans multiple clouds. The Copado DevOps Exchange can unlock an organization’s potential to automate anything in the software delivery lifecycle. The possibilities are endless.”

An open marketplace

Anyone can currently submit a Data Template for Data Deployer, a Copado Function, an Integration for a 3rd Party testing tool, or a fully featured CICD cloud solution. However, any publishing organisation has to sign a partnership agreement with Copado. Copado will also conduct a security review of the solution before publishing it. Copado also urges submitters to get a Copado certification; however, it is not a necessity. Customers can share open source under the MIT license, helping others in the community to take advantage of their work to solve challenges. Organisations can make their solution paid or free. However, the platform and Copado does not administrate any contracts or financial transactions between parties. While the marketplace indicates the solutions are paid, no price is indicated.

In the future, Copado hopes to improve the marketplace so organisations can self-publish. Currently, they need to complete a form to initiate the process.

The marketplace already includes several integrations, templates and add-on solutions for various needs and industries. Simon Whight, platform technical architect, Zen Internet, sees the advantage of this. He commented, “The main driver for us to work with Copado was that it allowed us to achieve mouse-click deployments. If anything requires a command line interface, I prefer it to sync with Copado to keep the technology barrier accessible at an admin level. With Copado’s DevOps Exchange, I’m excited to have access to a one-stop shop to find complementary DevOps products that are compatible with the Copado platform.”

A new way of offering products

Building a marketplace enables Copado to share much of the work that Copado Labs has and enables customers to search for and find exactly what they want from a single location. Copado highlighted two solutions. The first from Copado Labs is the Copado Monitoring Center. This solution allows organisations to:

  • Monitor unwanted metadata changes on any pipeline connected org
  • Generate a central audit trail that serves your compliance team
  • Enhance org governance across the Pipeline

The second is the DigitSec S4 Security Scanner. There are three entries for their solutions on the exchange:

Each provides security and penetration testing in different environments. Adrian Szwarcburg, senior vice president Business Development & Partnerships at DigitSec, commented, “We are very honored to be listed on the Copado DevOps Exchange. Together with Copado, we can empower Salesforce teams to secure their software development lifecycle with features designed to accelerate the adoption of DevSecOps in the CI/CD pipeline.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Building a marketplace is not simple. Copado has built something easy to use and provides the basic information that its customers will want. The entries for each solution could be more comprehensive with the options for screenshots or videos. However, this is a solid first iteration. On some listings, there are additional documents, such as case studies and installation guides. More could be done to tempt customers though.

Copado now needs to show that it is willing to invest in the platform. It needs to improve it over the coming months and attract new entries. These entries should not just be from Copado labs but also from customers and partners.


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