Professional Services Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayLast week, Kantata issued a momentum update that named seven new customers but refrained from offering an actual growth percentage or revenues. At its annual conference Groundbreak, Procore revealed major updates to the platform, which include new, updated and future enhancements.

Enterprise Times published an interview with Andrew Filev, CEO and founder of Wrike, about recent life before, during and after Citrix ownership.


BestOutcome revealed how Sisk, an innovative, international construction and engineering company, is benefitting from the deployment of PM3. Sisk often has over 50 active projects and found it difficult to manage and keep track of them. The company had seven clear objectives it wanted to achieve from a new PPM solution.

  • A clear understanding of the current status of all project activities at any time
  • A structured, scalable environment through which project teams can deliver their projects
  • Clear benefits tracking
  • An improvement in project success rates
  • Ability to leverage lessons learned from previous and similar projects
  • An improvement in project management maturity
  • An improvement in project communication across the organisation

Having deployed PM3, it has now standardised its processes, delivered efficient resource management, improved governance and achieved all the above objectives. Richard Warner, Head of Strategy and SPMO said, “We chose PM3, because the platform is easy to use, reporting is made simple and delivers the functionality we were looking for.”

David Walton, director at BestOutcome, said, “I am delighted that John Sisk and Son have chosen to implement PM3 as their PPM solution. I look forward to working with the team to achieve their desired outcomes.”


Kantata revealed eight new updates for Kantata OX (Mavenlink)

  • Cross Project Scheduling is now available. Resource managers can view, create, manage and re-assign scheduled hours with the Resource Centre to tasks across different projects.
  • Consultants can manage scheduled hours and be granted permission to edit scheduled hours within their projects, for themselves and others within their projects or across all projects.
  • A new estimate stage for a project is available. This enables users to estimate the effort required for a project and switch the project stage as required.
  • Within the estimate and project stage, users can enter the estimated hours of a task within a new column, Resource Estimated Hours. Users can add or remove the column from a saved view.
  • A new task tracker page enables users to add unnamed resources to a project, which is useful within the estimation stage.
  • New task tracker shared views. Once created, the new task tracker views can be shared with other account members.
  • Slack, in-app and email update notifications can alert users when the status, start and due date, or project budget changes.
  • In-app help is now available throughout Kantata OX. Users can quickly find and access Knowledge Base articles, in-app announcements, and videos by accessing the in-app help icon, a mitreboard, in the bottom-right corner of any page.


Planview completed a week of giving from October 24th through October 28th. Employees spend up to eight hours volunteering in the local community worldwide. Teams from the US, India, Canada, Israel, the UK, France, Germany and Australia participated.

Charities supported included:

Employees also donated blood and helped in other areas.


Procore launched its construction management solution in Germany and has set up a team to lead the expansion. The company appointed Wolfgang Soelch as senior director for Germany and Central Europe. The inference is that Procore will look to expand its footprint across the DACH region and beyond.

Soelch commented, “Data-driven technology in the region is accelerating rapidly as the industry seeks new ways to optimise performance and improve productivity whilst also navigating skilled labor shortages, supply-chain disruptions and price hikes.

“What’s unique about Procore is that we live and breathe construction: our software is developed by construction experts, for construction experts. Our approach has always been to partner with the industry to understand their challenges and, in return, provide solutions that can improve the everyday working lives of everyone in construction. We are very pleased to now be able to support the construction industry in Germany and Central Europe as they leverage the full potential of construction technology.”

The company will begin its marketing efforts at the BIM World trade fair in Munich from 22-23rd November. Tooey Courtemanche, founder and CEO of Procore, said, “For the past 20 years, our mission has been to connect everyone in construction on a global platform. Today’s launch is an important milestone in helping us realise our long-term goal to be the single platform which supports construction professionals across the world. Procore is currently used in over 150 countries, including customers in German-speaking countries. By officially entering this market, we can now be the best partner for local construction companies and their clients.”


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