How do we improve quality and trust in data? (Image Credit: David Becker on Unsplash)As the quantity of data that organisations have continues to grow, so does the need for quality and trust in that data. But how do organisations get that quality and trust? How do they enrich it to make it more usable? How do we deal with the complexity that comes with the volume of data we hold and make data more accessible?

To get answers to these questions, Enterprise Times spoke with Josh Rogers, CEO, Precisely. Precisely focuses on data integrity and helping its customers get accurate, consistent and contextualised data. It helps them make more competent business decisions around their data.

Josh Rogers, CEO, Precisely (Image Credit: Precisely)
Josh Rogers, CEO, Precisely

Rogers began with a surprising statistic from a recent survey of chief data officers that Precisely had commissioned. He said, “about 75% are not satisfied with the quality and the trust they have in their data. That hasn’t changed over the years. It generally ranges in the 80 to 75% are unsatisfied.”

Given how reliant on data organisations are and the volume of data they own, that’s a shocking statement. It also shows why there is an increasing demand for tools and skills to better understand the data organisations have. Rogers sees the increasing number of applications generating large volumes of data as part of the problem. Each app has its own attributes for data, stores data where it wants the data and businesses often have no clear view of that data. It makes it hard to pull together to get a view of a customer’s data.

Rogers says that one of the key elements to solving this is context. To get the right context, we need better data governance. Governance is the point where we set rules and policies that apply to data. It is not just about how data is handled internally, it also covers external pressures such as compliance.

To hear more of what Rogers said, listen to the podcast.

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