Lufthansa Technik Tiefflieger, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia CommonsLufthansa Technik AG is to extend its SAP CX solution by deploying Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI). Lufthansa Technik AG is the leading provider of aircraft maintenance, repair, overhaul and modification services for civil aircraft, from commercial to VIP and special mission aircraft. It will integrate the Icertis platform into the SAP CX platform and transform its contract management.

Lufthansa Technik AG has over 4,500 aircraft under exclusive contract for service and maintenance. It has far more contracts within the business to manage that service portfolio. The company has more than 22,000 employees worldwide and saw a return to profitability in 2021 following the impact of the pandemic alleviated. Adding a leading CLM solution will improve the company’s compliance, risk management and efficiency.

Lufthansa Technik AG is just the latest in the aviation industry to select Icertis as its CLM platform of choice. In 2019, Satair, an Airbus subsidiary, selected the solution. A year earlier, Airbus itself had chosen to deploy the solution.

Powering up SAP

Lufthansa Technik has used SAP solutions for years. The decision to extend the platform to include the Icertis CLM platform reflects the close relationship between SAP and Icertis that was cemented by the SAP investment earlier this year. It shows the importance of the wider SAP ecosystem to its solutions. Lufthansa Technik SA aims to continue the digital transformation by bringing a CLM solution that will integrate with the SAP platform and deliver an intelligent transformation to its contracting processes.

Kai-Stefan Roepke, Vice President of Corporate Sales EMEA, Lufthansa Technik AG, commented: “The Icertis Contract Intelligence platform and the company’s deep partnership with SAP will deliver new insights and automated processes for our sales team to speed the drafting and negotiation of contracts.

“These efficiencies and insights are particularly valuable during economic fluctuations and will help to drive revenue, reduce risk exposure, and gain transparency into the performance of contracts.”

Lufthansa Technik will leverage ICI to transform its contracting process. This will include the structuring and cataloguing of data in contracts. This will ensure that any changes to contracts are carried out uniformly. It will also bring insights that manual investigations will never replicate, saving hundreds, if not thousands, of person-hours.

ICI will also help provide opportunities to improve revenues, compliance and customer satisfaction. The direct integration to SAP CX will enable new contracts to flow through an automated process. In turn, this will help eliminate potential errors in the previously disconnected process. Lufthansa Technik will deploy the ICI solution to more than 1,300 users across multiple functions that all touch contracts at the different stages of their lifecycle.

Roman Howe, Icertis Vice President of Customer Advocacy, Europe
Roman Howe, Icertis Vice President of Customer Advocacy, Europe

Roman Howe, Icertis Vice President of Customer Advocacy, Europe, commented: “By choosing Icertis’ CLM solution, Lufthansa Technik can have continuous information flow throughout sales opportunities, providing teams with better information, improving forecast accuracy, and achieving more efficient customer management. This contract management transformation will both advance the organization’s business and benefit the travel industry ecosystem overall.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This is a major win for Icertis as it looks to expand its footprint worldwide. Lufthansa Technik could provide customer references across the globe. The company is also well-recognised in the Aerospace industry, possibly opening up other doors to the company.

That another SAP client has chosen Icertis is also a testament to SAP’s relationship with the CLM leader. Whether SAP introduced Icertis or this was a direct sale, that relationship and the close integration between the two solutions will have helped Icertis. Icertis will hope this will help increase the cadence of wins across the SAP customer base. There is no reason to doubt that could happen.


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