Soccer Kick Image by Milton Galvan from Pixabay Kantata has revealed that Cornerstone OnDemand (Cornerstone), a leading HCM vendor, has been using a Kantata solution since 2014. It replaced NetSuite OpenAir, Workfront and Spreadsheets. Cornerstone selected Kantata OX, then Mavenlink, and has now approved the release of the brief case study. While this is not a recent win for Kantata, under its new brand, it does indicate that customer retention, especially from such a significant organisation as Cornerstone, is not a problem. Cornerstone solutions are used by over 75 million users across 180 countries, and it has over 3,600 employees.

Angie Okelberry, Sr. Manager of Consulting, Cornerstone On Demand
Angie Okelberry, Sr. Manager of Consulting, Cornerstone On Demand

The implementation of Kantata has been a success, with Angie Okelberry, Sr. Manager of Consulting, Cornerstone On Demand, commenting: “We have a much tighter control over utilization now that we’re using Resource Center and we’re continuing to leverage Kantata more and more. We always felt that we were in good hands with the Kantata PS team.”

To implement Kantata OX, Cornerstone turned to RTM Consulting, a firm dedicated to helping service organizations get better at what they do. RTM Consulting guided Cornerstone, offering best practices and helping to optimise their professional services organisation. With an experienced partner able to understand the nuances of growth within professional services organisations, Cornerstone has grown its systems and processes alongside its actual growth.

While the improvements to utilisation and forecasting are noteworthy, Cornerstone was also able to free up four business analysts by implementing Kantata. It is a benefit that is often forgotten that the manual processes created by Spreadsheets are often very time consuming.

Successful growth empowered by Kantata

Over the last few years, Cornerstone has grown significantly. Its latest acquisition saw it acquire Sumtotal from Skillsoft. That expansion required significant growth in its professional services team, with the company growing by around 30% overall. Its previous solution, OpenAir, had limitations around time tracking, resourcing and forecasting. So much so that Cornerstone used spreadsheets for resource management.

Once deployed, the Kantata solution has delivered several benefits in these three areas. The Kantata time tracking has improved the detail available in time logs, enabling Cornerstone to create accurate capacity planning. This has also led to better resource management, that has helped to drive a 4% improvement in utilisation across the firm.

With the additional data, Kantata has significantly improved resource forecasting accuracy. Cornerstone estimates that it is now 20% more accurate. This metric is critical for any professional services firm as it feeds into hiring and other decisions. The company can now better plan for resource requirements across the worldwide organisation. Where they were once confident of predicting requirements around four weeks into the future, they can now accurately predict their requirements ten weeks away.

Kantata also delivers visibility into the business that the leaders previously lacked. The Utilisation dashboard within the Kantata Insights and Resource Center has a complete view of the business. The system easily tracks billable rates, resource utilisation, and other KPIs. That visibility enables Cornerstone to make better and more timely decisions around projects, HR and accounts.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

While this is a historic customer, it is a big and well-known one. That Cornerstone has navigated its growth using the Kantata solution is a testament to its ability to support such growth. Hopefully, Kantata will soon release stories and customer wins that are more recent to show that it is winning business in what is now a fiercely competitive market.

Regarding this case study, the benefits are there, though considering the solution has been in for eight years, it is not clear how the solution continues to improve the benefits it delivers to the organisation. Kantata OX, the product, has improved significantly over that time. Did it improve the 4% utilisation improvement over the eight years, or has it been iterative? In some ways, the latter is more impressive.


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