Digital Rivers (credit image/Pexels/Sora Shimazaki)Digital River has announced an independent software vendor (ISV) partnership with commercetools. The partnership integrates Digital River’s Global Seller Services of tax, payments, compliance, and fraud mitigation into commercetools’ eCommerce platform. The platform covers the company’s B2C and B2B customers.

commercetools, a digital commerce platform for creating highly-customised commerce experiences, is the latest addition to Digital River’s ecosystem of partners. Digital River clients can now experience commercetools’ first-of-its-kind headless, modern API approach. This is combined with Digital River’s expertise in the back-office functions of global commerce. The integration, built by Digital River partner and leading headless system integrator E2X, allows brands to scale their eCommerce businesses. This enables retailers to sell in 240+ markets worldwide, with the agility required to consistently adapt to shopper expectations.

A new partnership

(credit image/LinkedIn/Christopher Holley)
Christopher Holley, Global Direction, ISV Partnerships at commercetools

commercetools is excited to be an ISV partner with Digital River,” said Christopher Holley, Global Direction, ISV Partnerships at commercetools. “Our mutual clients benefit from the performance and certainty that comes with a certified technical integration. This ‘best of breed’ approach to eCommerce implementation allows Digital River’s capabilities to integrate with the industry’s leading eCommerce platform.

As a commercetools merchant of record solution provider, Digital River takes on the financial and legal responsibilities of selling online. Brands using commercetools can then focus on crafting unparalleled customer journeys and growing revenue. Additionally, the partnership offers a multitude of advantages including:

  • Consolidating vendors within a single integration.
  • Optimising revenue to increase conversion rates.
  • Reducing development time for quick entry to new markets.
  • Delivering personalised customer experiences.
  • Reducing the risk of changing global fraud, security, and regulations.

Understanding the complexities of global selling

We understand the complexities of global selling. Furthermore, the need for brands to remain agile when evolving with customer expectations,” said Mike Penterman, senior vice president of product at Digital River. “As an ISV partner of commercetools, we can now implement our technology-enabled services and expertise. To help their ecommerce platform provide the best experience for global customers, while shouldering overall compliance, risk, and tax burdens.”

As commerce brands look to sell globally, Digital River gives platforms like commercetools the right resources and processes to help their customers scale with ease. Using Digital River’s merchant of record model, the complexities of cross-border expansion are removed with a single integration. Digital River says it minimises risk and the number of vendor relationships, allowing brands to grow revenue like never before.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business.

Over the year, both commercetools and Digital River have made impressive gains in their respective markets. commercetools, saw significant growth in the last year—reaching unicorn status, increasing its employee headcount by 53% year-over-year, and adding new clients to its roster. Through a number of imaginative partnerships including BigCommerce, Digital River has delivered localised checkout experiences and reconciled international sales for brands. The company has removed complexities to manage the financial and legal responsibilities of cross-border selling for merchants. So this partnership is the logical conclusion for both companies’ growth plans. Together, the two companies should provide a seamless solution for delivering exceptional commerce experiences. This experience should be available across every customer touchpoint on a global scale.


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