Stop Corporate Fraud With Automated Document Approval And E-Signatures - Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay The problem – corporate fraud

The risk for fraud remains prevalent, with many organisations vulnerable to both internal and external threats. ‘Social hacking’ is rife – the manipulation of users and access to information by non-vetted third parties to exploit, with email spam being a well-known mechanism used by hackers to gain said access. As too is the creation of false documents, or ‘document tampering’ (non-vetted changing of document properties).

Furthermore – the increase in remote working because of Covid-19 has indicated an increase in ‘remote’ fraud as opposed to ‘in-office’. We need pre-emptive measures to eradicate fraud at its source! It is no longer enough to ‘shut the stable door after the horse has bolted’!

The solution – automated document approval and e-signatures

The solution is end-to-end automated workflows, complete with electronic signature tools and seamless integration into the company’s existing ERP system. It provides organisations (of all sizes) with the necessary capabilities and functionality to entrench preventative measures across daily operations in the fight against fraud.

Automated document approval solutions can be customised to suit the requirements of your specific organisation. Digital validation allows organisations to implement and maintain an effective, productive, and interactive approval and validation process. Clearly defined parameters and templates ensure the enforcement of stringent controls across the entire workflow of each process. These controls, that allow you to view each document’s attributes – who signed it, where and when, remove any opportunity for manual manipulation or human interference that could result in document tampering and the possibility for fraud.

With secure, remote and mobile access to these solutions, it enables employees to work anywhere. Whether they are in the office, at home or elsewhere – the correct approvers are always available. The form, ready for their signature, is not stuck in an in-tray but available on their nearest device.

When it comes to processing amounts exceeding a company’s threshold, additional security layers allow for even greater checks and validations.


Not all solutions are created equal. When reviewing potential options, exactly what functionality should you be looking for?

How to ensure safer exchanges?

Validation of the sender’s identity enables greater data integrity and authentication. Once a document has been signed – said signature cannot be altered or modified. This allows far more stringent controls, greatly managing risk of fraud across both internal and external documentation.

Is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) essential?

Certain VPNs can vastly reduce the speed of internet connections. The result – remote workers experiencing poor VPN performance or choosing not to use it. The unfortunate consequence of not using a VPN leads to documents living ‘outside’ of the system, increasing the risk of fraud and human interference. Look for an automated document approval solution that circumvents the need for a VPN with the only requirement that of access to email. The result – decreased costs due to no need for a VPN, increased efficiencies with access to an automated approval solution with email the only requirement, and the flexibility to sign using the device of your choice.

Does it offer email prompts and clear instructions?

Make it easy for employees to engage with your chosen solution. Email prompts that instantly alert users, together with clear instructions on what is required, guarantees quicker uptake and turnaround times.

Will it have a recognisable domain?

Fact! Don’t open attachments or click on links from unknown sources! Does your intended solution allow the use of your company’s own domain name in all emails and links across the entire automated workflow? This, as opposed to vendor-generated domains that may have little or no reference for your employees. When your team instinctively trusts the source, it allows for quick action.

Does it allow for SMS authentication?

An additional layer of security to ensure access and validation by the intended recipient only, also known as double authentication. Selected external recipients receive an email containing a URL link to access the document requiring their signature. This two-factor authentication offers a reliable way to, safely and securely, establish the signer’s identity.

Once the link is accessed, the recipient receives a six-digit code via SMS that allows them to unlock the document. After the document is signed, an AATL (Adobe Approved Trust List) certificate locks and encrypts it, ensuring no further changes can be made and thereby preserving its authenticity.

Cloud or on-premise?

Hesitant for sensitive company documents and representatives’ signatures to be stored remotely on a cloud that is not yours? Does your solution offer you the freedom to choose – public cloud, private cloud, on-premise or a hybrid?

Track, trace, and proof!

Does your chosen solution allow you to view each document’s attributes – who signed it, where and when? It should also allow complete transparency at every step of engagement – right down to visibility of GPS location, IP address and country of origin of the mobile number. It should offer full audit trails in real-time and at ones’ fingertips with no lost documentation.

ERP compatibility

Is your solution compatible with and certified by your ERP provider? Such certifications can include SAP, IBM and Microsoft.


Third-party access?

Does it allow secure access for third parties (suppliers, vendors, et al.), as needed? This capability can allow you to ‘own’ the entire process within your predefined parameters and security levels.

Third-party documents?

Certain industries, or transactions, require validating documents (identification documents, tax clearance certificates, etc.). Can your vendor provide you with this functionality and other product enhancements to ensure the longevity and futureproofing of your chosen solution?

Automated documentation and e-signature approval has a pivotal role to play in combatting fraud. It holds the potential to save the business and the economy millions of pounds! Solutions that ensure full vetting and verification via strict controls are helping businesses, around the world, reduce and remove the incidence of fraud.

Contact Symtrax to find out more about exactly how automated document approval and e-signatures can help you to stamp out fraud!

symtraxAt Symtrax, we help businesses accelerate its transition towards the digital future it envisions and needs!

We realise that digital transformation is about so much more than simply upgrading a single piece of technology for one process. The combined effort of multiple technologies able to work together, albeit on disparate systems, is what truly contributes towards effective (and holistic) digital transformation. And it is here where the value, and the sweet spot, lies.

Our collaborative approach allows organisations to harvest the most out of its resources, improving efficiencies without comprising security. Using automation, our document management services help to reduce manual dependences – making data management easier (cloud and on-premises).

Further, our direct integration with ERPs (API-based) ensures a direct communication channel with the system, delivering automated data conversion that allows you to toggle between the data formats best suited to your business processes.

Our solution is powered with RPA capabilities and an integrated modern EDI solution for standard-specific document transmission.

As your business grows, scale your initiatives to match your changing requirements – maximising the value of digital document transformation.


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