House Image by Pexels from Pixabay Accounting Seed has unveiled the latest iteration of its Magnolia release. Codenamed Home, it provides numerous updates, including a redesign of both its Home and Accounting settings to enhance the usability of the accounting solution on the Salesforce platform. The redesign uses Salesforce Lightning Web Components lightning and reduces the click and users need to perform each accounting function.

Ryan Sieve, Chief Technology Officer at Accounting Seed
Ryan Sieve, Chief Technology Officer at Accounting Seed

Ryan Sieve, Chief Technology Officer at Accounting Seed, commented: “Our mission is to be the most flexible accounting platform on Salesforce and beyond. With each release, we are providing more and more ways for our users to run their accounting their way. The Magnolia – Home release helps our solution to better align with Salesforce technology and gives customers a fresh user experience.”

It all starts at Home

The most noticeable element of this update is the improvement of the home dashboard. The new layout includes three new tabs. These enable users rapid access to the most used features within the solution. The tabs allow users to Create Entries, Run Reports, or access Setup information. Furthermore, under the revenues menu, users can quickly access Opportunities, Billings, Cash Receipts, and Bank Deposits without having to click through different menus.

The page includes hyperlinks to the Accounting Seed Knowledge Base and Accounting Seed University. The new homepage also shows the user the current accounting period and the last closed accounting period.

The settings accessed from the Home page now have a modified layout that is more applicable to individuals’ job roles. The users will find automations, including the settings for automated jobs and post settings in a single location. Similarly, there are settings screens dedicated to configuration settings and utilities such as Purge data, Stripe settings and Tax settings.

Other improvements

Accounting Seed has added an amortisation wizard for billing and payables, which supports up to 60 periods. Users can opt to use daily or monthly amortisation for the calculations. This rapidly reduces the time spend by finance teams calculating and checking amortisation entries. An API also supports these features.

There are also several smaller feature improvements across Revenues, Expenses, Banking and General Ledger. Reporting improvements include a new column in the Consolidations Routine Exception Report, indicating the last run period. It has also introduced the ability to clone three standard reports so users can amend and save them as their personalised versions.

  • Profit & Loss
  • Profit & Loss versus Budget
  • Balance Sheet

Other minor improvements are included, and the full detail of the release is found here.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

The Magnolia release is the release that keeps on giving. While there is no major update with this release, the volume of improvements is impressive. The reimagined Home dashboard will also be welcomed by users and prospects alike as it will make the solution intuitive and easier to train.


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