(Image credit/Pixabay/Wokandapix)Sitecore has launched Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud, an entirely cloud-native CMS offering. The solution provides design flexibility, integration-friendliness, and authoring experience for businesses to create and deliver personalised digital experiences. Sitecore says the SaaS offering reimagines how content, experience orchestration, commerce and analytics support modern enterprises. This feature is a new addition to the Sitecore Digital Experience Platform (DXP). The company also announced a range of new product updates that integrate recent acquisitions. Additionally, it has launched a subscription-based learning resource.

Sitecore’s new SaaS DXP is available for customers in most regions globally. It is built on a composable architecture. Users can buy products or an integrated platform that scales to support high volume content, visitor, and data processing needs. The composable approach enables brands to capitalise on Sitecore’s 1,200+ strong partner ecosystem and extensive developer network. In addition to deep-rooted expertise in helping enterprise businesses manage and enhance the customer experience across all industries and regions.

Brands can take a modular approach to achieve their digital experience goals. Sitecore has integrated its portfolio via a composable architecture in the cloud. Customers can now configure and connect products through APIs as needed. This gives them the ability to flex their creativity to create differentiation in the market faster than the competition. With microservices-based, cloud-native technology, the option to scale up or down, and quickly change content across different channels is possible.

Disrupting the market

(Image credit/LinkedIn/Steve Tzikakis)
Steve Tzikakis, Sitecore CEO

Steve Tzikakis, Sitecore CEO said, “We confirm our ambition to disrupt the market and help brands stay ahead with technology. Our recent acquisitions have been fundamental to building the most advanced composable platform available today. Something we see as the future of DXP. Customer expectations are everchanging.

“It is essential brands are empowered to work in real-time, adapting experiences to keep up with the demand. We’re supporting them with the technology to make this possible. By bringing our portfolio together in the cloud, brands can achieve this and enjoy an integrated, flexible and scalable platform. Delivering personalised experiences for their customers, whatever the channel.”

Sitecore has announced updates to its offering:

Sitecore Discover

Following the acquisition of Reflektion in September, Sitecore Discover integrates search with marketing and commerce capabilities. 93% of all online experiences start with a search. This is an essential update empowering brands to offer end-to-end, personalised experiences. The solution uses AI-powered technology that understands and predicts customer patterns, context, and needs.

Sitecore Personalise

A new SaaS Personalisation Engine powered by technology from the company’s Boxever acquisition. Sitecore Personalise allows brands to experiment and be agile to customers’ evolving digital behaviours. The AI-based technology supports businesses to deliver next-level, real-time experiences, optimise their conversion funnels and engage customers with relevant content.

Sitecore Health Cloud

Sitecore Health Cloud is an offering on Microsoft Azure that caters to the specific intricacies of the US healthcare market. The technology is scheduled to be HIPAA ready in Spring 2022. It will empower providers to offer engaging and personalised patient experiences using data. The solution is expected to deliver great healthcare services in a secure and compliant manner.

Sitecore Learning

Sitecore also announces three new tiered learning subscriptions – Essentials, Professionals, and Advanced. The subscriptions are designed to help more professionals across the industry become Sitecore certified. Created to meet the demand for education that matches the speed of Sitecore’s DXP updates and additions. The resource will enable users to learn about products from online courses and instructor-led tutorials. They will also allow professionals to learn about other Sitecore products, opening up possibilities to expand and enhance their capabilities. Users can address the challenge of siloed teams.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business?

Sitecore still remains a global player in digital experience platform software market. However, the company has been overshadowed by some of its competitors in the marketplace. The launch comes at a crucial time for brands looking to deepen customer engagement and elevate their digital presence. Many brands and online retailers have gained new digital customers during the pandemic. They are desperate to maintain this relationship with this new audience.

The new products and services, announced at Sitecore Symposium, solve the industry-wide challenge of marketing during ever-evolving consumer digital behaviours. Sitecore has confirmed ambitious growth plans announced earlier this year when the company secured a $1.2 billion investment. One of the largest-ever capital investments in the martech space. It has been this deep pocket that resulted the acquisitions of Boxever, Four51, Moosend and Reflektion. Does Sitecore have the necessary in-house desire to evolve into a digital experience company and develop the appropriate solutions? Will these acquisitions enable Sitecore to develop more engaging, personalised experiences for their customers? Only time will tell.


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