Is it time to rename digital transformation, continuous transformation? (Image Credit: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay )Digital transformation has seen organisations reap significant benefits as they redesign their technology stack. However, for many organisations, that digital transformation is still talked about as a one-off. You start, you transform, your business is a better place. But is that the right approach? Is it a single large business-changing transformation or should we be looking at an approach that continuously improves and transforms the business?

What is now being seen, is a shift to continuous transformation. It means organisations must be agile enough to evolve what they do to constantly achieve new benefits.

Venu Lambu, President and Executive Director of Mindtree (Image Credit: LinkedIn)
Venu Lambu, President and Executive Director of Mindtree

To understand where organisations are in their approach to transformation, Enterprise Times talked with Venu Lambu, President and Executive Director, Mindtree. We started by asking Lambu how we change the mentality from a one-off exercise to a continuous approach.

As businesses recover from the pandemic, they are investing more into their technology. Lambu says: “digital or any technology related to the digital is pretty much core to the business, it’s not just enabling the business, it is the business.

It is pretty much has a strategic role in redefining the business models, redefining the partnership models. You’re redefining the way you consume technology across your business value chain. It can’t be a one-off opportunity, it’s something that will be done for the long term. Businesses have to be on a continuous innovation cycle.”

Lambu believes that the biggest change for IT departments is in how they do transformation. Rather than the big multi-year projects, he says we should be looking at short sprints. This engages the business and delivers change faster.

To hear what else Lambu had to say, listen to the podcast.

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