ConnectWise has announced several changes in its leadership. It sees a several individuals move roles. The most senior appointment is that of Jason Magee. He has been promoted to President and COO. He will continue to drive corporate strategy, operations and procurement.

Craig Fulton, whom Enterprise Times spoke to last year will become Chief Customer Success Officer. This is a new role and he will build out a customer success team. Its aim, presumably, is to help drive retention and increase customer satisfaction scores. Perhaps surprisingly Magee will control IT Nation which is key to customer success in the Enterprise Times view. Jeff Bishop will take over Fulton’s previous role of Chief Product Officer. Both Bishop and Fulton will report to Magee.

The final move is that of Kathy Smith, having served ConnectWise for the last ten of her thirty five year career she is moving to an advisory role before she retires later this year. Smith has had a positive impact at ConnectWise as Senior Vice President of Services and Education. Arnie Bellini, CEO commented: “Kathy has been a trusted leader and mentor at ConnectWise for ten years, and I credit her and her team with the incredibly high customer satisfaction ratings we receive from our partners – which are consistently well over 90 percent. I thank Kathy for her amazing contributions, 110 percent dedication, and love for our partners.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

It demonstrates the style of leadership that Bellini has that he values the family of ConnectWise over external hiring. It is also a nice touch to have issued such a press release to cover the imminent retirement of a valued employee. With Magee assuming the role of President and COO is Bellini relinquishing control over the business? Bellini was 60 in December. He is unlikely to step fully away from the business he co-founded in 1982. However, it might be a signal that ConnectWise is evolving.


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