Arnie Bellini, CEO and Craig Fulton CPO of ConnectWise at IT Nation Europe (Image credit ConnectWise)Craig Fulton is the Chief Product Officer at ConnectWise. Enterprise Times sat down with him after the keynote at ConnectWise where it launched ConnectWise Unite. We spoke about what other software ConnectWise will add to that solution.

We also discussed the challenge for ConnectWise as it adds functionality to its own platform, it can potentially lessen the value of some partner applications. Fulton believes that while they will continue to add such features, they rarely provide the full functionality that partner solutions provide

We also covered what ConnectWise is doing with artificial intelligence and machine learning. While there were no significant announcements at the event, it seems that there will be some soon. ConnectWise, like others, are cautious at pre-announcing features that they will launch, at least not until they reach beta. Customer expecting to see AI and machine learning embedded into the application won’t have to wait long though

For those customers waiting for an improvement to the customer portal, Fulton reveals that this is one of the highest priorities on their road map and is being worked on right now. That will be music to the ears of several ConnectWise customers with whom I spoke at the event.

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