James Strachan talks Kubernetes, CI/CD and DevOpsAt the CNCF and KubeCon 18 conference Enterprise Times cornered James Strachan, Senior Architect at Cloudbees for a chat. We talked about the need to optimise CI/CD for Kubernetes. Strachan is excited about what Kubernetes brings to the DevOps process.

For Strachan, Kubernetes brings a lot of excitement in how we build, test, deploy, release and promote software. Perhaps the biggest thing that Kubernetes has changed is deployment. This is because it enables people to standardise how they do it. Instead of a myriad of software routines and deployment tools, Kubernetes makes life simple. For cloud vendors, it means that they can automate everything.

James Strachan, Senior Architect at Cloudbees
James Strachan, Senior Architect at Cloudbees

Strachan talked about the latest work going on at Jenkins, Jenkins X. This is a project that anyone attending Jenkins World will hear much more about in September. Jenkins X gives every team their own development and staging areas that allow people to promote when they want. The goal is to get people to do tiny changes and get those into production as quick as possible. Strachan believes that if we get the size of changes down we not only get faster but it is far easier to reverse a change if there are problems.

To hear what else Strachan had to say listen to the podcast.

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