Joe Baguley talks to Enterprise TimesEnterprise Times recently caught up with Joe Baguley, VP and CTO EMEA, VMware. Baguley describes himself as both Chief Technology Officer and Chief Talking Officer and is a hard man to pin down. He arrived at VMware after spending 10 years at Quest Software much of it as CTO.

Baguley was in typically ebullient mood when we talked. Some think that containers are butchering the Virtual Machine market. Baguley disagrees and says that things are changing quickly.

One of the big challenges he sees is trying to help system architects know what is right for them. As we move forward Baguley believes that as we’ve seen with other software movements, we are not looking at clear cut boundaries. For example, the front-end of a website could well be using a number of very fast micro-services. However, depending on what the website does, the back-end might need a more traditional VM deployment to host databases and other logic. The key for architects is in making the right architectural choices.

Joe Baguley, Vice President and Chief Technology Office, EMEA, VMware
Joe Baguley, Vice President and Chief Technology Office, EMEA, VMware

One of the challenges of running at scale is how to deliver it. Orchestration and schedulers are seen as the solution. However, Baguley cautions that most orchestrators and schedulers that we have today are not designed to handle millions of things. Instead, they are designed to handle hundreds of things or thousands of things. This raises some serious questions about how do we scale.

The emergence of new types of schedulers such as Kubernetes is one solution. But that relies on Google’s experience of having run large numbers of containers for over a decade.

To hear more of what Joe Baguley had to say listen to the podcast.

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