woman digital software image credit pixbay/geraltIs being a smart digital operator all just about building software effectively?

SoftServe, a fast growing digital consulting company with a global operation and footprint, knows that there is more to it. The creation of software is part of a means to an end. But what is that end?

In Creative Intellect Consulting’s (CIC) 2016/2017 study on the market realities for digital transformation, 63% of the 300 plus interviewed respondents, from across the market landscape and global regions, found one of the essential core attributes was the ability to create better experiences. 57% believed it to be the automation of business processes.

SoftServe’s foundational alignments

Transforming to a digital organisation, capable of operating smartly in the digital economy, is not without its challenges. An obvious statement to many, but a reality that SoftServe sees all too often in its client base, even within those known for their software prowess.

The complexity that underpins many IT estates is a productivity drag that faces many organisations, from the large to the small, and from across the maturity spectrum.

No matter whether you believe we are entering a new era of software or industrial revolution, organisations like SoftServe, know that survival is one that is based on operational adaptability and flexibility, business and product innovation and relevance. This has seen the company herald a new approach to partnering with customers around digital enablement, and offering solutions that are customer solution centric.

How this differs from that which is offered by other software solution implementers is down to the company’s own foundation for technical excellence and highly trained technical consultants. More specifically, three areas of focus underscore its value proposition and competitive edge.

1. Betting on a highly trained workforce

Over 80% of SoftServe’s employee base hold a master’s degree, or PHD in key technical areas. It is well documented that access to skilled and experienced software build teams and individuals is a known pain point that places significant pressure on an organisation’s capacity for progression – digital or otherwise.

Investing in attracting top talent and providing ongoing training through the SoftServe University is therefore a smart move. The university model ensures that its employees go through a comprehensive and continuous training program, safeguarding their ability to keep up-to-date on the latest technology and operational trends and certifications requirements.

2. Versed in the client journey states

Knowing the different legs of an organisation’s digital journey comes with the experience of working with a broad range of businesses and clients. SoftServe knows that the start point will be different depending on the client’s maturity and focus. As a result they are organised to help clients reveal ‘the what’ they want and need to build; transform ‘the how’ they achieve their digital experiences; accelerate ‘the cadence’ where it makes sense and optimise to continuously improve the process and output. The company’s delivery framework is supported and enhanced by SoftServe’s capacity for innovation, its drive for internal entrepreneurship and an understanding for improving the human experiences.

3. Design foundations for the digital agenda

With improving employee and customer experience high on the list for driving digital transformation, experience design becomes a foundational requirement for successful delivery. In recognising the fundamental importance of design based thinking for achieving a desired experience and user engagement, SoftServe, like many of its contemporaries, has in place a strong ethos for design. This is backed by tools, expertise and a finely tuned set of capabilities and practices for products and experience focused journeys.

Comprehensive support for the core tenets of experience design i.e. Design research, strategy, assessments, production and systems, suggests a provider well-versed and able to drive a design based digital agenda.

A partner worth the time?

Education and training clearly pay, especially when the results lead to a rapid growth of 28% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) over the past five years with a base of more than 5000 employees, spread over 12 countries and 18 locations. But is this sufficient enough to accept the company’s line of enabling the world’s toughest clients across the globe?

SoftServe’s client sheet is recognisably a veritable list of the powerhouse businesses and organisations, from across the market landscape – healthcare, retail, media, financial services and software.

And, like many consultancies delivering software build services and strategies to serve the digital economy, SoftServe offers a comprehensive portfolio of development support for: experience design, big data and analytics, internet of things (IoT), DevOps, security, marketing platforms, innovation technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) and smart sensors. The fact that they provide software delivery support to some of the well-known brands in the software vendor and consultancy space speaks to the quality and reliability of their services.

Undoubtedly, SoftServe is not alone in its ability to support organisations to articulate, and then design and build the software technology solutions they require to progress. However, the company’s wide ranging client projects and strong support for design and experience-based thinking, coupled with a committed approach to ongoing training, offers in them a partner finely tuned to the vagaries for operating in the digital economy.

No sense in going it alone

“No man is an island”, is a well-known quote from John Donne’s 1642 seminal poem on devotions. Metaphorically speaking, neither is any one organisation. An ecosystem of partners will be important for successful operation as a digital organisation. Choosing to build, versus buying, may still be the order of play in the digital economy. However, having a partner nuanced to this, with both the expertise and flexibility to operate accordingly is vital for a solid foundation for transformation.

CIC logoCreative Intellect Consulting is an analyst research, advisory and consulting firm founded by Bola Rotibi, an experienced and renowned expert analyst in the field of software development, delivery and lifecycle management processes, technologies and tools.

The blog was written by Bola Rotibi. It was first published by Creative Intellect Consulting and is reused here with permission.


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