JR Rivers talks about the evolution of networking

Enterprise Times sat down with JR Rivers, Co-Founder and CTO of Cumulus Networks to talk about networking. It’s a challenging part of the IT stack that has probably evolved far more than any other area. It is also an area that is constantly being redefined as companies move more and more data around and look to converge services.

JR Rivers talks about the evolution of networking
JR Rivers talks about the evolution of networking

Rivers has over two decades of working on networking equipment and systems. He has also written a lot of networking software. He is seeing a significant move to new architectures as companies look to web scale IT. The problem they face is making the network more efficient.

Cumulus Networks is focused on Linux networking and this is where Rivers sees a lot of changes happening. It is bringing together the open source and the traditional networking communities. He see significant benefits for networking engineers with SDN as it allows them to see their problems in multiple dimensions.

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