PROLIM, the PLM consultancy becomes a channel partner for Infor (Image source Wikipedia Commons/Freeformer)
PROLIM, the PLM consultancy becomes a channel partner for Infor

PROLIM has announced an alliance partnership with Infor. PROLIM is a “global” company that focuses on providing consultancy to several industry sectors around IT and PLM technology. It has offices in Canada, India and the USA, but none in either Europe, Africa or the rest of Asia.

The assumption is that PROLIM will add the Infor PLM software to its software portfolio which already includes Siemans, Aras and Diaspora products. Besides the press release there is no mention of the Infor PLM product on the PROLIM website though.

Synergies in industry verticals

Prabhu Patil CEO, PROLIM (Image source LinkedIn)
Prabhu Patil, CEO, PROLIM

What is interesting about the announcement is that PROLIM operates in several verticals that Infor already has a foothold in. These include automotive, aerospace & defense, high tech, pharmaceutical, medical devices and consumer packaged goods. It will be interesting to see how quickly PROLIM can win new customers for Infor in the coming months.

Prabhu Patil, CEO of PROLIM commented: “This alliance partnership will leverage Infor’s application and product capabilities and PROLIM’s domain and technical expertise will help benefit customers by delivering rapid low-cost deployment, maintenance, and faster time-to-value. This will be a catalyst for further growth for PROLIM. We are fortunate to partner with Infor.

PROLIM appears particularly strong in the automotive industry, delivering projects for US, German and Japanese automobile companies. This is an area that Infor are hoping to deepen their penetration of. This agreement could provide yet another point of entry into manufacturers such as Ford, where Infor had recent success.

The right skills, the right match?

This alliance may also signal an expansion of the PROLIM portfolio into new areas that Infor software is able to support. PROLIM has deep expertise in PLM software and provides consultancy on both that area and on wider IT issues. The benefit to Infor is that they are gaining a new partner with deep industry experience who should focus on delivering Infor products. Especially in circumstances where the breadth of their offering is outside the remit of their existing software partners.

Carmelo Marafioti, Vice President of Sales, Infor commented: “At Infor, we recognize that our partners, are critical to our growth initiatives and ultimate objective: to deliver innovative technology suites that are beautiful, functional, and easy to use. I am excited to welcome PROLIM to our family of partners and appreciate their commitment to grow with Infor and to provide customers with solutions that have industry-specific functionality and that support critical micro-vertical processes.”


PROLIM is a fast growing company with more than 200 employees according to the LinkedIn company page. Glassdoor says that numbers are beneath 200 and Linkedin has only 143 employees listed. How many of these are consultants is difficult to say and the impact on Infor sales is likely to be minimal. However this is a win for Infor, as PROLIM could easily have selected to work with one of their main competitors such as SAP or Oracle. It will be interesting to see what presence PROLIM has at Inforum 2017 later this year.


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