Amsterdam Canals : Image Credit : Williams
Interoute have more km of Fibre than canals in the cloud city

Interoute has just announced the extension of their metro fibre network in Amsterdam. There are 265 canals in Amsterdam, while Interoute now has 275km of fibre network in the city carried through 230 km of duct work.

Amsterdam, the cloud city

In increasing its footprint within Amsterdam Interoute is protecting its home turf. Amsterdam is famous for its 100 km of canals but seems to be a honey pot for data centres. It is one of the largest European Markets for both collaboration and capacity helped by its proximity to London and access to low latency links across Europe and out to the US.

Interoute has added 43km of fibre network, of which just over half is a single link between the Amsterdam Science Park and the South east area of the city. The improvements have also meant that Interoute has added 21% to its capacity in the city.

The connection to the Science Park is important, as a tech hub seeking to incubate new business, Interoute will want to share in the possible futures of some of these companies. In delivering a direct connection to the Science Park it will now be able to offer hosting and cloud services to the various start up companies located there.

With the concentration of data centres in Amsterdam and investment continuing to made in the city, Interoute’s latest expansion will help it carry traffic across one of the busiest hubs in Europe. This expansion is not likely to slow down and Interoute inferred that further expansion was already happening.

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