Citrix has announced two new products in its GoTo Assist product line, both of them aimed at helping the interaction between end users with mobile devices and customer service experts. The interesting thing about this announcement is some of the wider applications to which this new software could be put to use. Both apps appear to be supported on Android and iPhone but not Windows 10.

Citrix GoToAssist and Concierge

Citrix Concierge (image Source Citrix)
Citrix Concierge

The first product is Citrix Concierge, aimed at delivering support to mobile users quickly. This is similar to shadowing for mobiles although it appears that they cannot yet take control of the device itself using the software but they are able to “draw and mark” directly onto the users screen. Once activated by the end user it is possible to connect to the customer service agent who can interact with them through live video, audio or chat.

With the growing number of apps being used by workforces there is a growing support requirement where users are unable to easily explain whilst on a call exactly what they are seeing on the screen. Using this the technical experts back at in a support centre are not only able to interact with the user but will also be able to see how the application is failing or the user is not using it correctly. For enterprises with a lot of remote workers this will be a very useful addition to their support armoury as users are more and more able to rely on their mobile for working.

The application was developed to answer what the Aberdeen Group said in a July 2015 report: “old school support and services processes often aren’t mobile friendly, take too long to reach resolution, and end-users can’t access them remotely”.

Citrix Seeit App (Image Source Citrix)
Citrix Seeit App, will it enable your mobile workforce?

While Concierge is able to stream video through to the customer service agent Citrix has produced a second app specifically designed to do that. GoToAssist Seeit allows the mobile user to stream whatever their mobile camera views direct back to head office. This Citrix believes will help resolve issues that users face when trying to describe issues with products that are open to interpretation.

The new application also give the ability to make annotations on paused screens and the option to save and review session snapshots for future reference, these can be retained within in a knowledge base for future reference, improving the experience for users with similar users as support analysts are able to resolve similar problems faster using walk throughs. Citrix has also provided API’s so that they can integrate the application into their own suite of support tools and launch the application through any web based viewer.

Have Citrix produced something that might have wider applications than even they suspect?

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