Business Tip Image by Pete Linforth from PixabayThis is the 71st in a series of business tips from industry leaders that Enterprise Times has spoken to, Enterprise Times recently interviewed Andy Byrne, Co-Founder and CEO of Clari. During the interview, he reveals what he hopes the future holds for Clari. Clari has helped to build the RevOps sector, and it is an exciting time, with Byrne noting, “We’re at this fascinating intersection of the most important business processes in the company, revenue, and the largest, most profound technological shift we’ve seen in our lives in artificial intelligence.”

Still motivated after a decade.

Andy Byrne Clari, CEO of Clari (image credit - LinkedIn/Andy Byrne)
Andy Byrne Clari, CEO of Clari

Byrne has led Clari since 2013 as CEO. During the interview, it was clear that he is still incredibly motivated about the sector and the company. He was asked how he maintained that motivation after over a decade of leading the business.

“I was on a bike ride with a friend this morning, and I said to him, I’m more inspired and more excited than I ever had been, which is kind of trippy. I started this 11 years ago, and you would think that’s the most exciting, the most romantic time because you don’t have a number to hit. You’re just trying to get your friends together and build something powerful, and you’re dreaming.

“I feel like the next two years are going to dwarf the last decade. For us and in general, not just Clari, but all entrepreneurs that are building technology companies. Going back to my comment about the intersection that we reside on, between revenue and AI, I’m just excited at the potential. Our purpose is we want to provide more prosperity for the world.

“I always say internally to the employees, when we deploy, and we do this, right, and people can realise more efficiency, more growth, more predictability, higher shareholder value, everybody wins. Everyone wins! Prosperity is not just an economic thing, right? You get more fulfilled in your life. Things seem easier; you’re happier. If you look at it from the rep to a manager and all the way up to the boardroom, we’re just making things easy for them to do more with less. That’s what drives me.”

How to keep motivated

If you’re sitting in front of another CEO who’s five years in, what advice would you give them to maintain that motivation going forward?

I’ll quote a wonderful friend of mine who was the founder and CEO of a company called Strava. His name’s Mark Gainey. He was actually on my board for a long time at Clari. He said, ‘Don’t forget, Andy, the three P’s. I said, ‘What are the three P’s Mark?’. He said, ‘You’ve got to persist. Do you believe in what you’re doing?’ Yes, with all my heart, I believe with all my brain power, okay, persist.

“But you also have to be patient because if you want to build the next ServiceNow for revenue workflows, it can take a long time.

“Then finally, arguably, the most important P, when you’re dealing with all these problems, just have perspective. Because our problems relative to the rest of the world are good problems. That’s what I would say to somebody that’s five years in. I give them the three P’s.”

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