Bridge Image credit pixabay/Larisa-KOvercast HQ, the full-stack video management cloud solution for enterprises, has raised $1.2 million in a bridging round. The Overcast Video Content as a Service platform is cloud native and integrates with existing technologies such as Adobe Premiere Pro. It helps some of the world’s largest brands manage terabytes of video content with its suite of cloud solutions powered by AI. Those customers include YETI,  Diageo, Vodafone, Virgin Media and Shinawal.

The firm is now working with PwC as it heads towards a Series A funding round to accelerate growth. This bridging round will help further grow the team and fund product development until the Series A funding round is secured.

The following Angel investors led the funding:

  • Paddy Flynn, VP of Maps for Google
  • Professor Anil Kokaram, Chair of Electronic Engineering at Trinity College Dublin and former lead of the Media Algorithms team at YouTube
  • David Shackleton, who was Co-Founder and subsequently CEO, led and sold Openback to X (formerly Twitter). He also invested in Bounce Insights and OpenBack
  • George Kilpatrick, Overcast HQ’s Chief Revenue Officer. Kilpatrick joined in 2021, and his backing is a validation of his belief in the company

In recent months, Overcast HQ has launched generative AI capabilities for its platform. These new capabilities include:

  • Automated transcription of audio content from a video
  • Image, video and emotion recognition provides an analysis of visual content and people’s emotions using facial recognition technology
  • Metadata tagging will automatically tag videos to categorise within large media libraries, saving time and enabling later search
  • Smart search uses the tagging above to enable users to locate images, events, objects and people within videos

The Founder talks

Philippe Brodeur, CEO, Overcast HQ
Philippe Brodeur, CEO, Overcast HQ

Philippe Brodeur, CEO, founded Overcast HQ in 2015. He began his career at the BBC and then helped found several companies in the sector including Hot Air Media, and, now part of the Virgin Media group and a customer.

Brodeur commented, “We are grateful to our investors for this show of faith in the company. We are seeing increased demand among the world’s largest brands and broadcasters for next-generation video asset management solutions to help them leverage the assets they have to deliver output at a speed they’ve never known before.

“Brands and broadcasters want adverts and other video assets that are personalised for different geographies, but it is often simpler to reshoot than find what they need from the terabytes or petabytes of content they already have. We want to help set them free and deliver tailored content at speed and at scale.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

Brodeur has built a company that has attracted some significant customers in the industry. With a Series A round approaching, it will be interesting to see who invests. The angel investors in the interim are interesting, with their own CRO, and the Google exec Flynn the most notable. It will be interesting to see if Google Ventures invests in the full Series A and what level of investment the firm raises.

The customer list is strong, and with the link to Adobe, there may be interest from their investment arm. It is, therefore, a sensible approach by Brodeur to work with PwC as it identifies the best investors moving forward. The other option is that a larger firm might try to acquire the company, though, at this early stage, this is unlikely as one suspects Brodeur had ambitions to grow to a higher valuation.


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