Dayforce (c) Dayforce Inc. 2024Ceridian has now changed its name and brand to Dayforce. Dayforce was the name of its HCM solution and is well known in the industry already. The company formally changed its name from Ceridian HCM Holdings Inc. to Dayforce Inc. on January 31st. It has also changed its stock ticker from CDAY on NYSE and TSE to just DAY, which has also taken effect.

David Ossip, Chair and CEO of Dayforce, Inc.
David Ossip, Chair and CEO of Dayforce, Inc.

David Ossip, Chair and CEO of Dayforce, Inc., commented, “As one united brand – Dayforce – we firmly believe we can amplify our promise to make work life better. Dayforce represents our products, company, and community at its best. As Dayforce, we will further our ability to foster the happiest customers, the most engaged employees, the best products, and the greatest return for the market.”

Why change

Ossip explained the reasons behind changing in a blog. Effectively, he argues that customers had two names to associate the company with because its flagship product, which most of them use, is called Dayforce. People were, therefore, referring to Dayforce and Ceridian. Yet without other significant products in the portfolio, it did not make sense.

Ossip wrote, “The unified Dayforce brand creates clarity among customers and the market and further unites our employees and ecosystem to advance our shared ambition and dedication to our brand promise to make work life better.”

The name also better reflects the ethos of the company, which Ossip wrote, “We believe our work can improve the DAY for every person we serve.”

Ultimately, Ossip believes that Dayforce is a stronger brand that has already created trust, and it will now take further advantage of that. It will simplify the marketing messaging, and Ossip believes it will help propel growth.

This is a full rebrand, so the domain, including emails from the company, will change to Those products that are not Dayforce will also change to include the Dayforce brand. Dayforce will also be working with Software review sites such as G2 and Capterra to update collateral in the future.

Inside products, the branding change may take a little longer, and there may be elements that are slower than others. It will also update the community to in February 2024. Ceridian Cares, its charitable organisation, will evolve into Dayforce Cares in Q2 2024.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This announcement should have come as a little surprise to many. It is a brand change that makes complete sense and will hit the ground sprinting! Unlike the brand change by Twitter to X, which still leaves many confused, people are likely to quickly switch to called the company Dayforce. In time, Ceridian may even be forgotten.


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