Fabric (Credit image/Pixabay/StockSnap)Enterprise Times met with Mike Micucci, CEO of fabric. fabric solutions are designed to provide commerce services that enable customers to build digital experiences anywhere. Mike, a former VP in Salesforce, is on a mission to disrupt commerce for everyone. “We support businesses who are striving to deliver commerce that drives conversion and customer success.”

Discussions flowed around the evolution of commerce and the need for adaptable platforms that can meet customer’s evolving expectations. According to Mark, “Commerce does not stop when you hit checkout – it just gets started. The challenge, particularly post-pandemic, was to help omni-channel retailers make sure that they could sell, fill and meet customers at their preferred locations. This could be the physical store or digital store, whether it’s social, b2b, or across that entire ecosystem.

Mark provides his top three tips for enterprises looking to enhance their customer’s digital experience.

1. Plan your outcome

(Credit image/LinkedIn/Mike Micucci)
Mike Micucci, CEO at fabric

Mike has had the good fortune of meeting literally thousands of companies over the last 15 years globally. And there are a couple of things he always pins it back to. What is the outcome the business needs to get? Is the enterprise trying to improve its customer conversion at the checkout? Is there a performance issue that’s impacting conversion and revenues? So, identify and define the outcomes the enterprise aims to achieve.

2. Invest for the long term

When investing in the enterprise’s technical infrastructure, invest for the long term. A business purchases an amazing kit, then acquires another application, a middleware component is then required to integrate them. The business is now responsible for stitching together its technology infrastructure. Enterprises need to think about their businesses in five-to-10-year horizons and plan and invest for the long term.

3. Picking a partner

Pick a partner that’s investing in modern technology. A partner that can provide the business with a competitive advantage, drive outcomes and get short-term wins. Focus on the outcome, align on the outcome, and invest in technology that can get you there. Look for solutions that are modern, scalable, and one where you have a good view of the total cost of ownership. Furthermore, get some quick wins that are measurable and build on those wins.


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