Connected Work Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Planview has taken the opportunity provided by AWS re:Invent to announce that five of its solutions are now available on the AWS Marketplace. This week has seen several firms announce their listing. And sees the AWS marketplace add to the thousands of solutions already on it.

Louise K Allen, Chief Product Officer, Planview
Louise K Allen, Chief Product Officer, Planview

Louise K. Allen, Chief Product Officer at Planview, commented, “Companies across industries are faced with an accelerating pace of change – from shifting market dynamics to economic uncertainty, evolving customer expectations, and more. Success in these conditions requires technology that can help an organisation gain a clear view into strategic initiatives, shift priorities, adapt to change, and deliver outcomes faster. By making our solutions available in AWS Marketplace, we’re able to bring the power of Planview to AWS customers, helping them to navigate these demands with even greater agility and efficiency.”

What is available

A listing on the marketplace enables Amazon customers to quickly access solutions that are also hosted by Amazon. Thus ensuring that their data is kept within the boundaries of a single cloud vendor. An added advantage for AWS customers is that customers in the AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) can map purchases against their AWS spend commitment. The Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) is a tool for enterprise customers willing to make a long-term commitment to the AWS platform for a significant discount.

The five Planview solutions that are available now include:

  • Portfolios Flex: Planview Portfolios combines business and technology planning to optimise funding and resource capacity, provide end-to-end visibility, track actuals to plan, and accelerate strategic execution.
  • Planview Hub: An integration platform that synchronises every application in your software delivery toolchain, eliminating manual duplicate data entry and unlocking capacity.
  • AgilePlace: Provides Agile Project Management that enables organisations and teams to visualise work by using enterprise Kanban boards and Lean metrics to promote a continuous flow of work and accelerate the speed of delivery.
  • Planview Viz: A value stream analytics solution that helps business, technology, and transformation leaders get to the root cause of inefficiencies and misalignments within their organisation.
  • ProjectPlace: A collaborative work management tool that enables anyone in any business function to plan and execute work with their teams, track progress in real time, and ultimately achieve goals.

Enterprise Times:  What does this mean

Planview is adding another route to the market for a wider set of solutions. The key for AWS customers is that purchasing solutions through the marketplace can help with meeting the EDP commitments. This makes it a first stop to search for solutions that they want to leverage. The marketplace lacks the community aspect that Salesforce has created within the AppExchange.

However, with tighter budgets in 2024, this is a smart move by Planview. What is missing, however, are AWS reviews. While there are external reviews, if PLanview can encourage users to place reviews direct on the marketplace, their solutions might increase in prominence. Currently, none of the Planview solutions have AWS reviews and only Portfolios Flex links to the review on G2, despite the other applications having some there.

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