hands handshake partnership Image credit pixabay/rawpixelsPipefy has announced that its no-code business process automation solution is now available in the AWS Marketplace. The listing means that AWS customers can see details of the solution, including pricing. The AWS digital marketplace contains thousands of software listings from independent software vendors that make it easy to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

There are currently two entries, one for the US and one for the LATAM region. The listing allows customers to purchase the software and take advantage of consolidated billing. What isn’t clear is if Pipefy will add other regions to the listing, such as Europe.

Pipefy already has over 200 reviews on G2 and customers across the world. Dasa, the largest integrated healthcare network in Brazil, started using Pipefy in 2020 to improve its supply chain efficiency. After using Pipefy to create an automated process that connected ten different departments, it achieved an increase in efficiency of 295% in its supply chain request management process.

Alessio Alionço, CEO and Founder of Pipefy
Alessio Alionço, CEO and Founder of Pipefy

Dasa took advantage of Pipefy to optimise one workflow at a time within its business. The platform enables customers to organize and control their work in a single place and streamline and automate any process without a single line of code.

Alessio Alionço, CEO and Founder of Pipefy. Commented, “Pipefy’s availability in the AWS Marketplace streamlines the procurement process, making it even easier for organizations already leveraging the power of AWS to use Pipefy to improve their workflow automation process.”

Pipefy gets closer to AWS

This is just the latest step in the relationship between AWS and Pipefy. In December 2022, Pipefy announced that it had partnered with AWS and created a joint commercial solution for customers seeking a cloud service provider and for customers interested in automating their business processes to achieve process excellence. It also joined the AWS partner network and has now attended several AWS events.

Early this year, Pipefy joined the AWS ISV Accelerate Program. This enabled it to receive co-selling support from the cloud giant. That provides Pipefy with co-sell support and benefits to connect with AWS field sellers globally, who service millions of active AWS customers. The program also provides better customer outreach and further solidifies the commitment between AWS and Pipefy.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This is a natural step in the evolution of the relationship between Pipefy and AWS. In some ways, though, it seems relatively slow in coming. However, obtaining a listing on the AWS marketplace cements its position as a solution that AWS has approved. It is not the only process orchestration solution in the marketplace. AWS customers can also access Certa and SS&C Blue Prism solutions. That only three of the many process orchestration solutions on the market are listed makes this significant.


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