MangoApp No-code workflow (c0 2023 MangoAppsMangoApps has further enhanced its employee hub by adding no-code workflow Apps. The new feature will allow organisations to create applications using a new intuitive application designer. This can then be rolled out to automate processes across the organisation.

Every organisation has its specific processes that have evolved. However, many of these meet common requirements. To address this, MangoApps has created fifty templates to kick-start the creation process with customers.

Using the no-code designer, customers can use templates or create their own applications from scratch. The drag-and-drop interface enables users to quickly generate applications within the platform.

Applications can create bots that will automate routine tasks. These are not isolated but can send notifications and update users at certain key points. Users can set triggers when data or workflows meet certain conditions that, in turn, can trigger actions to continue, initiate or fork a workflow.

Using the power of the MangoApps platform, users can create dashboards. These will provide an oversight of existing workflows with graphical or textual information. Workflows are not confined to data held within MangoApps. They can import or export data from Google Sheets, Excel and third-party applications. MangoApps already integrates these, including HRM and Payroll solutions.

Vishwa Malhotra, MangoApps CTO
Vishwa Malhotra, MangoApps CTO

Once created, apps can be distributed in a controlled way with granular access control across the user, team or organisation employee base.

Vishwa Malhotra, MangoApps CTO, commented, “We’re empowering businesses to redefine operational excellence. This new, intuitive and adaptable solution transforms how businesses can engage with their employees, replacing disjointed processes with a unified experience. With our solution, customers are not only achieving unprecedented levels of efficiency but also making more informed decisions based on real-time data. This is paving the way for organizations to unlock their full potential and elevate their employee engagement initiatives.”

Making a difference

Early adopters of the no-code app builder have already created applications across different use cases. These include:

  • Attendance App: Streamlining attendance submissions, this app facilitates smoother interactions between employees reporting their attendance and managers responding promptly.
  • Confidence App: Creating a space for individuals to express their confidence levels in various job tasks, this app fosters a culture of openness and self-improvement. In addition, the app can ask a multi-choice question about how the relevant task could have been improved.
  • Mood App: This serves as a daily touchpoint for employees to share their moods. This app supports mental well-being and encourages a positive work environment. This pulse survey can provide management and HR with valuable information and help identify well-being trends, enabling them to take action.

Other solutions could include automating onboarding tasks to ensure that new employees feel welcome and that existing employees know all new starters.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

MangoApps has provided customers with a means to extend its integrated intranet and employee app platform quickly. It further cements the platform’s power that combines a modern intranet with employee communications, engagement & listening, learning management and task management. Rather than wait for a platform update, organisations can now build useful, unique apps that often take too much time.


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