US Federal building (Source Pixabay/DEZALB under CCO)Deltek has launched a new resource centre to help small businesses find and win more US and Canadian government contracts. The GovWin IQ Small Business Resource Center is a free and subscription-based platform that offers a mix of research, opportunities, networking opportunities and best practices.

The free services available on the website include:

  • News and analysis from the small business contracting landscape
  • Events such as webinars, the next is about Understanding the $185.3B Army Budget Landscape in FY 2023-24
  • Training Guides and tools for small business government contracts
  • Information about oversight and compliance
  • Links to government resources

The subscription bases services include the following:

  • Federal small business opportunities
  • Data into small business spending trends by the government
  • Access to Small business Innovation Research
  • A community to identify potential teaming partners for contracts
  • Research by federal agencies that commonly spend on small businesses
  • Information about Government small business contacts

While there are different levels of subscription, it is possible to try GovWin IQ for free. Pricing, however, is not immediately available on the site. It is also unclear whether it is included in the Essentials, Professional and Advanced subscriptions. That is because GovWin IQ Small Business Resource Center is not yet listed on the subscriptions page, though elements of it are.

Timely resource

The move to launch this new set of resources is timely. Federal contract sending has been declining recently. In February, the US government called upon federal agencies to increase the awards of federal contract dollars to small disadvantaged businesses to 15% by 2025. It follows on from a commitment by the President in 2021.

Delteks’ Clarity Government Contracting industry study identified small businesses’ difficulty winning contracts. Only 37% of self-identified small businesses (under $20 million in revenue) reported growth in government contracts last year. That contrasts with the 56% of larger firms that saw growth.

Deltek continues to enable small businesses to win government contracts and increase profitability when they do so. The recent release of Deltek Costpoint 8.2 included several enhancements that will increase the efficiency of small businesses with improvements to its usability.

Kevin Plexico, Senior Vice President of Information Solutions for Deltek (Image credit/LinkedIn/Kevin Plexico)
Kevin Plexico, Senior Vice President of Information Solutions for Deltek

Kevin Plexico, Senior Vice President of Information Solutions at Deltek, commented, “We’re proud of our continued commitment to supporting small businesses with their goals of finding and winning more business with government agencies.

“We know that small businesses often don’t have the time, resources, or knowledge of the market to compete with their large business counterparts. We want to level the playing field and enable their success with educational content and tools for finding and winning more business.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

Deltek offers the leading solutions for Government Contractors. GovWinIQ provides the information and resources to help win federal and government contracts. At the same time, its project-based ERP solutions enable businesses to deliver those contracts in a timely and profitable way and on budget.

This latest initiative from Deltek brings together the elements of the GovWinIQ platform to help small businesses further. The ability to identify and collaborate with potential partners is a useful addition. The resource centre will help most because it provides a single location for business leaders to access much of the data they require to identify and bring together a team that can pitch effectively.


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