acquisition of tymeshift by Zendesk Image credit Inc has completed the acquisition of Tymeshift, one of its ecosystem partners. The Tymeshift workforce management (WFM) solution was built specifically for Zendesk and helped customers by automating time-consuming processes like scheduling, forecasting and data management.

Matt Price SVP and General Manager, Zendesk Sell at Zendesk (Image credit
Matt Price SVP and General Manager, Zendesk Sell at Zendesk

Matt Price, Senior Vice President, Zendesk, commented, “Companies of all sizes benefit from WFM tooling, so Tymeshift was a natural choice when looking to expand our product portfolio. With this acquisition we made adoption seamless and ensured immediate value to Zendesk customers. Tymeshift has proven to be a comprehensive and intuitive WFM solution, enabling companies to streamline their scheduling, forecasting, and reporting, ultimately leading to better customer service.”

What is Tymeshift

Powered by AI, Tymeshift provides Zendesk customers with four key features that can save organisations time spent on spreadsheets and manual processing. Tymeshift was built for Zendesk that enables agents to work with the solution within their Zendesk environment. Agents are notified of schedule changes within their Zendesk screen, enabling them to interact with the solution without switching to a different application.

Real-time team management provides insights for managers into team performance. A dashboard quickly identifies what agents are working on, in real-time, whether they are performing well and whether they are working on the allocated tasks at the right time. Managers can create customised reports using templates to highlight KPIs and focus on essential information.

It provides a complete staffing forecast that uses AI to analyse data such as forecast ticket volumes and their subject matter. The solution can compare the forecast with actuals and deliver real-time insights for business leaders to make adjustments.

Automated workforce scheduling creates a complete schedule based on the staffing forecast. It will consider and plan agents’ breaks, lunches, and recurring tasks. The result is displayed in an easily consumed graphical format that quickly identifies where staff shortages may occur.

David Birchmier, former Tymeshift CEO and current Director of WFM Strategy and GTM, Zendesk, commented, “Tymeshift allows customers to optimize staffing based on accurate forecasts and data, automate time-consuming chores, collect better insights and make great reports. Having the right people on the right channels, at the right time, all based on real-time data, allowed us to provide immediate value to Tymeshift customers, and I’m looking forward to expanding our impact by officially joining Zendesk.”

Customers such as Melio Payments, END and Monese, see value in the solution. Lamont Jones, Workforce Manager, Melio Payments, commented, “After meeting with CX leadership, we’re going to reduce the amount of max licenses in 2023 from 105 to 85 – thanks to Tymeshifts forecasting and reporting!”

Enterprise Times; What does this mean?

Zendesk noted that this is a step in its journey to a new era of Intelligent CX. It is not always an easy decision to acquire an ecosystem partner. Independent partners can often strengthen the ecosystem and are better left independent. Zendesk appears to believe that the solution will significantly strengthen its core offering. It is certainly a natural add-on. It will also help cross-sell the solution to its existing customer base with a larger sales and marketing team.

It will be interesting to see how Zendesk will further improve Tymeshift and leverage its AI expertise in other areas of Zendesk.


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