NIBs (credit image/Pixabay/Devon Breen)Retail and eCommerce highlights this week include: Online crafts retailer Hawthorn Handmade signs up with Brightpearl by Sage to supercharge its operational processes. 47% of UK e-commerce businesses are embarrassed by their website despite spending an average of £336,500 on marketing technology.

DimeTyd launches partnership with Verdi Commerce to Increase eCommerce profitability for Leading Consumer Electronics Brands. CedCommerce launches social ads for buy with prime to help merchants drive targeted traffic on their eCommerce website. Newest platform enhancement from SOCi offers geographical view of keyword rankings.

Hawthorn Handmade Crafting signs up With Brightpearl

Online crafts retailer Hawthorn Handmade has signed up with Brightpearl by Sage to supercharge its operational processes. The merchant’s partnership with Brightpearl’s retail operating system (ROS) means it gains access to the Inventory Planner Premium tool, an Automation Engine and library of Plug & Play integrations.

Hawthorn Handmade is a rapidly growing crafting retailer specialising in handicrafts such as needle felting, embroidery, cross stitch and felt sewing kits. The brand sells direct to consumers in the UK, US and Europe via its website, Etsy and Amazon. Additionally, the company is increasing its wholesale customer base with John Lewis, Waterstones and more.

After seeing a spike in DTC sales during the pandemic that allowed the firm to broaden its reach into international markets, Hawthorn Handmade reached a crossroads in its business journey – making the decision to upgrade its systems and remove the operational blockers preventing growth. By choosing Brightpearl, the team now has the made-for-retail tools to power the brand towards its multichannel goals.

Of critical benefit to Hawthorn is Brightpearl’s Automation Engine. It streamlines and automates manual workflows in inventory, warehouse, ordering, shipping and fulfilment. Key staff, who formerly spent hours on manual data entry and processing, are freed up to dedicate time towards product innovation and growth.

Inventory Planner Premium also grants Hawthorn in-depth inventory visibility and data-driven forecasting insights, thus reducing the risk of overstocking and stockouts. With the means to create reports using over 200 custom metrics, the team will also have the laser-focused insights to make profit-driven purchasing decisions.

47% of UK eCommerce businesses are embarrassed by their website

Storyblok, the content management system (CMS) category provider has announced the results of their research. The study reveals UK companies are losing a considerable sum of money each year due to poor website experience. This loss is despite spending a substantial amount on marketing technology.

500 business leaders at mid-sized eCommerce companies in the US and Europe were asked a range of questions about their company’s website performance and associated costs. Surprisingly, 47% of UK businesses said their website had recently embarrassed them in front of a key stakeholder or customer. However, 90% said their website met all or most of their expectations.

Nearly every business (92%) thinks their website’s poor user experience is costing them sales, with 9% estimating this sum exceeds £100,000 per year. Storyblok’s recent survey of 6,000 consumers in the US and Europe echoed these findings. 60% of consumers stated they abandon an average of 5 purchases a year due to poor user experience on websites.

Despite these findings, spending on marketing technology and satisfaction with the results remains very high. Businesses invested, on average, £336,500 over the past five years, with 25% spending more than £500,000. Only 9% of businesses think they receive a poor ROI on their marketing technology spend.

Storyblok’s research also revealed that in addition to lost sales, companies are spending a significant amount of time on maintenance and fixing errors on their websites. Each week, on average, 3.5 hours are lost to these tasks.

DimeTyd launches partnership with Verdi Commerce

DimeTyd, an automated FinOps platform that offers Amazon vendors seamless recuperation of profit leakage, has announced its partnership with Verdi Commerce.

Verdi Commerce is a data-driven remarketing solutions company that partners with consumer electronics, houseware, and appliance brands to repurpose their returned, refurbished, end-of-life and excess inventory via a proprietary business model focused on transparency and circular sustainability.

Trusted by over 300 brands globally, DimeTyd strives to simplify Amazon’s vendor remittance process, saving many of the world’s biggest brands significant time and money (up to 5% of total 1P marketplace transactions per recent studies). DimeTyd executives will work directly with Verdi to make the DimeTyd automated accounting platform available to Verdi’s brand base with no upfront costs to the brand.

Through this collaboration, DimeTyd will assist Verdi brands in auditing historical remittance data, tracing back up to 3 years. By leveraging 108 proprietary algorithms, DimeTyd will audit data at PO and line-item level to identify incorrect accounting deductions, shortages, price claims, and overbillings.

CedCommerce launches Social Ads for Buy with Prime

CedCommerce, a leading multichannel eCommerce enabler, has announced the launch of Social Ads for Buy with Prime. The campaign helps merchants to drive targeted traffic on their eCommerce website by creating Buy with Prime badged Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

Buy with Prime allows merchants to offer Prime shopping benefits, including fast and free shipping, to Prime members on a merchant’s eCommerce site. According to internal Amazon data, it has also been shown to increase shopper conversion by 25% on average.

Social Ads for Buy with Prime comes for free and simplifies running, monitoring, and optimizing Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns for a larger audience on Meta platforms. Plus, the trust-building Buy with Prime badged campaigns help in increasing conversions. Furthermore, merchants can continue to grow their business with automated features, including prospective targeting, retargeting, Conversion API, and more.

SOCi releases SOCi GeoRank

SOCi  the marketing platform for multi-location brands, has released a first-of-its-kind enhancement to the platform’s Listings solution, SOCi GeoRank. SOCi GeoRank boosts the power of brands’ local listings and search performance by giving multi-location marketers the ability to see a precise, geographical view of Google keyword rankings from specific points on the map as well as the ability to see ranking averages at the national or group level.

With one out of every two consumer searches now having local intent, how often a brand appears in Google’s top three local search results is more important than ever, especially considering that 78% of local searches result in an offline conversion.

SOCi GeoRank gives brands a complete picture of their local search performance through an easily consumable, visual map display of how a brand’s locations are ranking against top local competitors at the hyper-local or block level in specific geographical areas, uncovering blind spots in SEO strategies by closely monitoring local keyword search performance.

SOCi GeoRank, alongside SOCi Listings, will help marketing teams improve their SEO strategy and search rankings. According to SOCi’s Top Ranking and Conversion Factors for Local Search research report, high ranking correlates to businesses success, with businesses ranked 1-3 in Google searches earning 126% more traffic and 93% more consumer engagements than businesses ranked further down.

With SOCi GeoRank, multi-location marketers can dive deeper into ranking insights to see competitors’ total reviews, average review scores, and Google Business Profile categories to further investigate how to make informed SEO decisions. To assist in making and acting on these decisions, SOCi provides professional services to help marketers execute on any campaign enhancements and actionable insights as directed by SOCi GeoRank, minimising the burden on its customers.


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