Extensiv (credit image/Pixabay/Jens P. Raak)Extensiv has launched Extensiv Hub, a unified omnichannel fulfilment platform that centralises information for brands and third-party logistics providers (3PLs). The platform will help both scale with a single technology platform throughout their growth journey. Extensiv (formerly 3PL Central) provides omnichannel software solutions for warehouse, inventory, and order management.

3PL Central had previously acquired a number of companies in the supply chain marketplace, including CartRover, Skubana, and Scout Software. The firm subsequently rebrand to Extensiv; Extensiv Hub combines a suite of products with an integrated warehouse, inventory, and order management solution. The company says the new platform is designed to scale seamlessly with brands as they grow. The platform is expected to reduce IT spending by tens of thousands of dollars and enable merchants to focus on building brands and selling more inventory. Extensiv’s platform for brands and for 3PLs interoperates components seamlessly. This is expected to drastically reduce 3PL time and effort spent on integrations. Ensuring all brand data, such as products, inventory and orders, are automatically kept in sync without development effort.

The platform provides security for both brands and 3PLs through an improved, secure unified log-in. Extensiv is SOC 2 Type 1 certified and expects to be SOC 2 Type 2 certified in the coming months.

Extensiv Hub key features

It also brings together the following offerings into an integrated platform that enables simple extensibility and virtually unlimited integrations. This eliminates the need for costly system migrations as a brand grows.

  • Extensiv 3PL Warehouse Manager: A cloud-based 3PL warehouse management system (WMS) that serves as the backbone for 3PLs performing eCommerce, omnichannel, B2B or direct-to-consumer fulfilment.
  • Extensiv Network Manager: the technology enables 3PLs to create a 4PL network. Fulfilment is managed through a network of professional partner warehouses for expanded geographic reach, increased service offerings, faster delivery and reduced operating expenses.
  • Extensive Warehouse Manager:(formerly Scout topShelf) A mobile/tablet-first inventory management system for instant, real-time inventory control, visibility, and accuracy.
  • Extensiv Order Manager:(formerly Skubana) Gives brands insight, visibility, and control over everything for eCommerce operations management. This includes order routing, demand forecasting, and integration of sales and fulfilment channels.
  • Extensiv Integration Manager:(formerly CartRover) A scalable integration platform that automates order flow from start to finish for seamless integration of 110+ eCommerce shopping carts and marketplaces with a wide array of fulfilment systems.
  • Extensiv Fulfilment Marketplace: A solution that connects premier pre-vetted fulfilment partners with merchants looking for a new 3PL. Alternatively, 3PLs looking to expand or build a 4PL network to expand their geographic footprint.

Increasing consumer expectations

(Credit image/LinkedIn/Any Lloyd)
Andy Lloyd, CEO of Extensiv

With increasing consumer expectations, continued global disruptions, and rising shipping costs, current technology just doesn’t meet the needs of the evolving brands and 3PLs,” said Andy Lloyd, CEO of Extensiv. “Brands want simple technology and fulfilment solutions that enable them to meet consumer demand for fast and free shipping, without the need to constantly change technology platforms as they grow. 3PLs want technology that not only drives efficiency, but easily connects and scales with their customers without excessive integration costs or complexity. Extensiv Hub uniquely offers these through a scalable and unified platform that can support brands and 3PLs throughout their growth journey.”

Enterprise Times: What this means for business.

Today’s consumers are in control, and they know it. They engage with brands on their own terms across all shopping channels. They expect a seamless experience from the product search through to its delivery at the front door. However, research has often indicated that product fulfilment is often the least thought-out component in eCommerce. Furthermore, consumers are not willing to put up with a poor experience receiving products. As a result, brands and third-party logistics companies must transform fulfilment operations to succeed in the new world of commerce. Extensiv Hub appears to provide complete visibility from the Shopping Cart to the Doorstep. This is exactly what consumers demand, and enterprises need to provide – connecting brands, operations, warehouses and 3PLs. Easy technology that supports customer’s desire to free and fast delivery is vital for success.


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