Future Technology Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay What is the future of infrastructure in the Enterprise? What does the future look like for the IT function? These are two of the issues that Enterprise Times discussed with Brett Diamond, the CEO of 11:11 Systems, in this podcast.

The pandemic acted as a catalyst for change, with companies racing to digitise their organisations far faster than expected. There was once talk of organisations looking to move to a single cloud vendor. However, that has waned. In its place, Diamond believes organisations are taking a different approach. Diamond commented, “There is a push for a single vendor that’s going to manage those cloud environments. They are complex. They’re ever-changing. The ability to handle multiple cloud environments for our customers is going to be essential.”

Brett Diamond, Chief Executive Officer at 11:11 Systems, Inc.
Brett Diamond, chief executive officer at 11:11 Systems, Inc.

Diamond also believes that organisations will still retain critical infrastructure in-house. However, with the growing challenges of talent retention and hiring, several functions are better placed with an outsourcing provider.

Diamond says, “Critical infrastructure, in my opinion, is going to continue to be maintained and monitored by internal IT teams, but outsourcing managed services, whether it’s across connectivity, whether it’s across the cloud, whether it’s certain aspects of your security environments, are going to continue to be growing at an exponential rate simply because of the amount of changes that are constantly going on.”

On Security

Security is one of the biggest concerns for the CSuite. Diamond notes, “Security is going to be one of the biggest IT-related issues that we are going to face in our lifetime, and it’s continuing to change rapidly, and whether you are securing the cloud, securing the edge, securing your applications, there is going to be a constant transformation around what truly means security within an organisation.”

Security is one of the areas that organisations must consider outsourcing. However, even here, organisations should only move some of the responsibility. They must remember that they cannot move the accountability. Diamond advocates that a security team must be retained in-house for various reasons.

The decision to outsource is rarely easy, and Diamond reveals his views on how organisations should consider what to outsource.

On 11: 11 Systems

Throughout the conversation, Diamond talks about the 11:11 approach. 11:11 is a managed service provider focused on three core pillars: cloud, connectivity and security. It was created in 2021 through the acquisition of iland and has continued its growth through several acquisitions. It is a new but significant player in several global markets. Diamond explains the 11:11 approach and its expansion plans.

To hear more of what Diamond said, listen to the podcast.

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