Jotform Teams (c) Jotform 2022Jotform continues to expand its online forms platform with the launch of Jotform Teams. This is not an extension and integration into Microsoft Teams but is a collaboration platform that enables users to share workspaces and data more efficiently.

Jotform can assign different roles and permissions to each user within a team. This enables the right people to be involved when creating forms, tables, e-signature documents (recently launched), reports and apps. They share the same workspace and data, giving them access to the information appropriate to their responsibilities.

The benefits of these permission sets are that organisations can:

  • Reduce administrative work
  • Delegate tasks
  • Maintain compliance
  • Ensure data security
Aytekin Tank, founder and CEO of Jotform
Aytekin Tank, founder and CEO of Jotform

Aytekin Tank, founder and CEO of Jotform, noted, “Whether teams are working in a physical office or remotely, collaboration tools like Jotform Teams have never been more important for improving the way organizations work together and manage their most important data. We take our users’ feedback to heart, and the development of Jotform Teams was based on just that. Our Enterprise customers were the inspiration, and we started working full speed ahead to create Jotform Teams to suit their needs.”

Jotform Teams functionality

Jotform Teams provides a fully collaborative environment enhanced by the complex permissions sets it supports. Organisations can create workspaces, and individuals with the right permissions can move existing personal forms into a shared workspace for further iteration and approval.

The permissions system also supports different roles, with pre-set permissions for form creators, data viewers, and team collaborators. Each team can organize their assets by dimension, including project, client and resources. It allows the team to create workspaces suitable for their team without changing how they work.

Users can also see the activity within their workspace and search across teams and workspaces, if they have the appropriate permissions. This is also manifested as an activity log so team members can quickly see what happened, and what happened whilst they were out of the office or on leave. In larger organisations, this search feature allows managers and administrators to quickly find a project they need to provide input for or review.

Beta users happy

The solution already has beta users who are enthusiastic about the solution. Tevin Noel, senior IT manager of Tennessee State University, commented, “Jotform Enterprise is lovely and easy to use, and the new Teams feature makes it great. I use it as the admin for contracts, Procurement processes, Payments, Enrollment Management, Help Desk Support, and Marketing support. Jotform Teams makes it easier to maintain our documents in one place versus each team member having their forms and documents in their separate folders. It’s going to save a lot of time.”

Another unnamed beta user added, “I manage data collection for our global departments in order to run our organization more smoothly and efficiently. We have over 90 forms and have collected data from over 4,000 submissions, and Teams is the only thing that I have found on the market that gives me the ability to collaborate with my colleagues in a shared workspace. It’s all about improving workflow and Jotform Teams is it.”

Jotform Teams complements its no-code platform that helps organisations to manage their workflows. It includes a Form Builder, an e-signature solution, a PDF Editor, Mobile Forms, Tables, Apps, Approvals and more.

Jotform Teams is available for single-user plans to assist them with the organisation of their projects. For full access to Jotform Teams, organisations must upgrade to Jotform Enterprise.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

While this seems an exciting piece of news, and for Enterprise customers, it undoubtedly is, customers may be disappointed that the Jotform Teams are not available at Gold, Silver and Bronze levels. On the pricing website, it is clear that organisations can only have Teams of one person until they reach Enterprise level, (price available on application). For organisations already paying $99 per user per month, this feels especially disheartening. Jotform itself indicates that Silver is the best value ($39 pupm), and it seems to make sense for users to be able to share data storage. While the intent may be to push users to higher spending levels, it may have the reverse effect. It might have attracted significantly more users and revenue if they had added Jotform Teams to the lower pricing bands.


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