NIBs (credit image/Pixabay/Dirk Wouters)Retail and eCommerce highlights this week include: introduces a full-service financial platform for e-commerce to simplify financial management and expense control. Relationship One partners with PathFactory to deliver better customer experiences and AI-powered insights that drive more revenue for B2B companies.

Sift unveils new platform upgrades to improve efficiency, data connectivity, and decision-making for fraud fighters. Allume Group, the leading destination for knowledge and insights on digital commerce, launches a comprehensive certification program on eCommerce Strategy based on the company’s eCommerce Success Framework. NFI is expanding its offerings in the eCommerce space with the launch of “NFI eCom” – an end-to-end fulfilment solution. The platform is designed to address the challenges faced by growing brands. Introduces a financial platform for eCommerce in the US Market, a financial ecosystem for eCommerce businesses, has been released in the US market. The service is now available to new customers and is expected to help eCommerce teams simplify financial management. In addition, gain complete control over finances. This means businesses can get the flexibility to reach financial oversight, eliminate manual work and focus on growth.

With, an eCommerce business can get the automation and insights needed to scale and forecast. The finance platform was made as the result of the founders’ frustration in finding a suitable service for their eCommerce business. None of the existing solutions had met their needs.

The solution offers business account created in 5 minutes, virtual cards in one click, spending rules for every user, real-time expense tracking, and more. With unlimited virtual cards, each employee can issue them based on their approval levels. Budgets can be set for each team and project. Limits for vendors like Facebook, Shopify, Amazon, and everywhere else where cards are needed online. That way, teams get traceable and secure payments. Business owners see the big picture across all payments and categories like advertising and shipping and focus on scaling.

With the global eCommerce market projected to reach $6 trillion by 2024, according to eMarketer, maintaining financial records has become increasingly challenging. In the US, it’s snowballing: with a 16.1% growth rate, it’s on track to reach $1.06 trillion in 2022. While transactions continue to grow in volume, keeping track of daily purchases and subscriptions becomes complex, especially in peak season — businesses still lose money on processes, departments, software, and control.

Relationship One partners with PathFactory to provide AI-powered customer insights

PathFactory, the leading B2B Content Intelligence platform, announced a new partnership with Relationship One. Relationship One is a leading systems integration and marketing consulting firm that helps B2B companies modernize their marketing strategies through technology and data. This partnership will enable businesses to elevate their marketing programs and drive revenue through customer-driven, personalized marketing experiences. The partnership provides an integration between PathFactory’s content intelligence platform and a customer’s existing marketing automation platform. As a result, go-to-market teams can accelerate revenue generation from implementation to action, while gathering analytics to inform future decisions.

Together, Relationship One and PathFactory have an opportunity to transform the industry. Making it easier to bring a B2B marketer’s innovative vision & strategy to life through an automated, intuitive platform that delivers better experiences, qualified leads, and more revenue. PathFactory’s content intelligence platform is currently being used by several enterprise and mid-market customers, including Adobe, Cisco, and Blackboard.

Sift unveils platform upgrades to improve efficiency, data connectivity, and decision-making to combat fraud

Sift, a digital trust and safety operator, has released new capabilities to help fraud fighters do their jobs more efficiently. The company says it makes smarter, faster decisions. Specifically, Sift customers now have access to:

Automation at every stage of risk operations: Intelligent automation and ML powered recommendations reduces time spent working disputes and increases win rates.

Expanded integrations for chargeback management: New integrations bolster dispute management team efficiency in handling dispute data for major processors.

Synchronised, simplified data connectors: New connectors in the Sift App Gallery with and Jumio facilitate chargeback data and streamline customer authentication and verification.

Productivity and review enhancements: A suite of upgrades to Sift’s intuitive Console improve efficiency and effectiveness across trust and safety operations including bulk decisioning. Early users of bulk decisioning have reported that bulk decisioning has reduced manual review time by over 30%. Sift’s platform upgrades also come at a time when businesses are facing more fraud than ever before. In fact, Sift’s Q3 Digital Trust & Safety Index shows a 131% increase in account takeover attacks in the first half of 2022 vs. the same period last year.

Allume Group launches an eCommerce strategy certification programme for brand and retail practitioners

Allume Group has launched a comprehensive eCommerce strategy certification programme for brand and retail practitioners based on the company’s eCommerce Success Framework. Prior to today, practitioners – including brands, brand-enablers, and retailer professionals – could advance their careers and further their company’s success through the Allume Group’s curriculum. Now learners can achieve an eCommerce Strategy certification through taking six courses, offered online and on-demand. The certification curriculum builds upon one another, starting with the foundational Marketplace Fundamentals & eCommerce Success Framework course, followed by The Three D’s of Category Management, Content Best Practices, Mutual Profitability in eCommerce, Marketplace In Stock Fundamentals and concluding with the Retail Media Advertising Strategy course.

Allume Group’s broad course offerings tie together the building blocks of digital commerce success into engaging, easily digestible, and informative content. Built from a combination of interviews with industry experts, real-world brand and retailer experiences, Allume Group generates comprehensive and impactful frameworks to bring professionals the knowledge needed to succeed in the complex commerce space.

In addition to helping individuals advance their careers, companies can advance their digital transformation. Additionally, continuous learning and career development opportunities drive improved employee retention rates, higher employee satisfaction, and better overall job performance.

NFI Expands eCommerce Solutions with the Launch of NFI eCom

NFI is expanding its offerings in the eCommerce space with the launch of “NFI eCom.” – an end-to-end fulfilment solution. The platform is designed to address the challenges faced by growing brands.

As the 4th largest warehousing and fulfilment provider in North America. The company says it has a proven track record of helping global brands scale successfully. Through NFI eCom, growing eCommerce brands can meet customer service demands by accessing the company’s 68M+ sq ft of warehouse space in North America. Brands can also leverage NFI’s port services, global freight forwarding and integrated logistics offerings to provide a true end-to-end experience. With the mission to help brands scale their supply chain as they grow, NFI eCom prioritised offerings that strengthen the overall eCommerce capabilities the team already provides.

The user-oriented client portal brings advanced features such as inventory and order tracking, analytics, small parcel management, reporting, 100+ pre-built integrations, and more. NFI eCom’s tools and infrastructure are designed to onboard eCom brands faster. This should ensure brands do not miss out on growth opportunities.

Through a real-time view of fulfilment operations, NFI eCom empowers brands to exercise complete control and make better decisions to fuel growth. With its roots embedded in 90 years of operational excellence, customer centricity, people-led and technology-enabled approach, NFI eCom has claimed its spot as the fulfilment partner brands can trust.


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