NIBs (Credit image/Pixabay/Stocksnaps)Merchants on BigCommerce in European regions can now leverage TikTok For Business as an advertising and sales channel. Oracle has opened its first cloud region in the Nordics in Stockholm, along with one in Milan, Italy. CoasterStone have adopted Brightpearl’s retail operating system. Talkable has become a partner with Tapcart, a fast-expanding SaaS platform that allows Shopify brands to build mobile apps. Fenix Commerce continues to provide in-depth insights into E-Commerce and Amazon for sellers through educational content.

BigCommerce expands advertising programme to France, the Netherlands, Italy and New Zealand

BigCommerce announced the expansion of its TikTok For Business offering to support merchants in France, the Netherlands, Italy, and New Zealand. The TikTok partnership and app is currently only available in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia. Now, BigCommerce merchants will be able to showcase their brand personality to enrich their connections with current customers, reach new shoppers and drive traffic to their storefronts.

According to TikTok, 57% of users in Europe agreed that the social media platform inspired them to shop even when they weren’t looking to do so.

Qualified merchants will be able to participate in BigCommerce’s joint advertising incentive program. They can explore TikTok’s suite of advertising solutions with confidence, financial freedom and flexibility to expand audience reach and drive business growth. Through January 31, 2022, eligible merchants who spend $300 on ads will receive $1,000 in advertising from TikTok and BigCommerce.

The TikTok For Business app is available to merchants via the BigCommerce Channel Manager. It equips partners with a new approach to strengthen their omnichannel sales strategies and assist with content, optimization and other services. The TikTok plugin is simple to set up so merchants can sync their product catalogue, unlock advanced Pixel features and access paid advertising and organic opportunities, such as TikTok Shopping and Collection Ads. Additionally, the integration has been enhanced so merchants can easily set up ads from within the app using the TikTok Advertising module or from the TikTok Ads Manager for even more advanced capabilities.

TikTok Shopping is currently a pilot solution available in select countries, and BigCommerce will be expanding the programme into additional markets in 2022.

Oracle expands cloud cover with data centres in Sweden, Italy

Oracle has opened its first cloud region in the Nordics in Stockholm, Sweden. It has also opened one in Milan, Italy as the pandemic increased demand for cloud computing tools from private- and public-sector organisations.

Cloud regions refer to the geographical location of data centres, allowing customers to get faster access to their data.

Oracle already has cloud regions in Germany, the Netherlands, France, the UK and Switzerland in Europe. It has facilities in 36 regions worldwide, with plans to add eight more by the end of next year. The company has already signed contracts with potential customers in Europe. Oracle is planning to open a second region in France and one in Spain.

Best known for its database software, Oracle lags its bigger rivals in the race for cornering the cloud computing market, but its total cloud revenue still rose 22% to $2.7 billion in the latest second quarter.

Earlier this year, Oracle said it will migrate the most complicated computer programs of companies to its cloud for free, in a bid to catch a new wave of potential cloud-computing clients.

CoasterStone adopts Brightpearl’s Retail Operating Solution

CoasterStone have adopted Brightpearl’s retail operating system. With Brightpearl on board, the popular Indiana-based brand can focus on online growth. The company plans to benefit from retail-focused features, including Brightpearl’s Automation Engine, intuitive Demand Planner, advanced reporting and accounting functionality.

CoasterStone boasts ‘the first truly absorbent coasters’, and has doubled in size in the last year. Taking orders direct by phone and via a growing list of online channels such as Amazon, Wayfair, BigCommerce and Brandwise, the merchant also works with a network of agency artists to create customised coasters that are made-to-order.

The company found competing ERPs too clunky and pricey for their multichannel online expansion plans. CoasterStone selected Brightpearl’s Retail Operating System as the superior option for their growing business.

With Brightpearl’s advanced inventory management and Demand Planner, CoasterStone can keep up with increasing sales from its multiple online channels. The company can make data-driven decisions to forecast demand.

The advanced business intelligence and accounting functionality will give the merchant the means to produce speedy, accurate reports. Additionally gain 360-degree, real-time insights on performance.

With an average deployment time of just 120 days, Brightpearl’s out-of-the-box features are swift to set up compared to traditional ERPs. Additionally, the easy Plug & Play integrations sync seamlessly with popular platforms such as BigCommerce, Shipstation and more. With the time and money saved by using Brightpearl to automate tedious manual processes, the CoasterStone team can quit solving errors and turn their attention to growing fearlessly.

Talkable partners with Tapcart to deliver Premium In-App Referral Experiences to eCommerce brands

The mobile app building platform, Tapcart, has launched an integration with Talkable, the leading growth marketing solution. The integration allows eCommerce brands to launch referral programs within their mobile apps. Referral programmes incentivise customers to invite friends to the brand through a preferred social platform. Or directly with SMS contacts on their devices. With a focus on contact-based referrals, the integration ensures seamless customer experience and intuitive referral flow.

The integration is available to Tapcart Enterprise customers and Talkable Enterprise customers. eCommerce brands can empower end customers to become brand advocates, allow them to share via contact selection or unique sharing link, and reward them with gift cards and/or discounts.

Fenix Commerce provides customers with video and blog content to better eCommerce businesses

Fenix Commerce released a new video and blog to highlight its customer experience for Tailored Brands on Amazon. The video and blog take sellers step by step through the new layout. Additionally, how to make the most of the change for their business. AWS partnered with Fenix Commerce and highlights the Order Experience Platform plus other tools.

The Order Experience Platform calculates and displays accurate, cost-optimised order cut-off times, delivery dates, or store pick-up slots on a retailer’s product, cart, and checkout pages. This is just one tool that Fenix Commerce highlights in their video and blog.

The ten-minute video goes over how customer solutions with Tailored Brands benefit both the customer and the seller. Fenix Commerce is able to provide customers with in-depth and accurate delivery dates, incentivize customers, and pick up information.

Fenix Commerce is the go-to tool for sellers and customers alike. The blog covers all areas for an E-commerce business to be ready for the holidays. From conversion rates to inventory to delivery, Fenix Commerce can assist sellers in almost every area in the sales funnel. Retailers are able to offer different promotions to different customers based on loyalty and returning customers as well. The blog and video cover all of this in-depth.



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