(credit image/Pixabay/ S. Hermann & F. Richter)Increasingly, the customer experience is being placed centre-stage of the digital experience. As a result, content is once again king. Sensible brands are focusing on the development of a wider array of creative content types much more efficiently, effectively and faster. This will be vital to support and maintain relationships with customers. This was the central theme when Enterprise Tines spoke with Sonja Keerl (Kotrotsos), President of MACH Alliance & Product Marketing at Contentstack.

Keerl noted an emerging trend with successful customer experience. Smart brands are concentrating on the ability to serve customer no matter where they choose to engage with the brand. “They have a relentless focus on their end customers experience. Furthermore, they are not willing to compromise on how they present and serve their customers.” Essentially a unified journey across many different touchpoints. Brands need to understand the different channels, and different phases in that journey.

2020 – A surreal year

Sonja Keerl (Kotrotsos)
Sonja Keerl (Kotrotsos), Vice President of the MACH Alliance

2020 was a very surreal year for many organisations. Irrespective of size, sector or location as many enterprises had to quickly pivot their business model. Keerl notes that, “Retailers and merchants had to handle that shift from in person shopping to digital first. And in time digital only. This transition had to be managed pretty gracefully and smoothly.” She says companies that had composable digital experience ecosystem had the agility and the flexibility needed to pivot quickly.

Keerl also discusses the idea of a composable architecture during the interview. The movement away of having one monolithic black box, that ticks all the requirements in the features and functionality list. Increasingly enterprises are employing an ecosystem of several vendors that focus on specific parts of the digital experience. Microservices, best of breed that connect them together to really enterprises the ability to fulfil business digital strategy. “They have composable characteristics to make them connective. These tools need to not only be microservices, based but crucially API first,” Keerl adds.

To hear what else Sonja Keerl had to say, listen to the podcast.

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