(image credit/Pixabay/SuJu)SAP has been busy winning eCommerce contracts across a range of sectors around the globe. The company has announced that entertainment retailer Virgin Megastore, motorcycle manufacturer Sundiro Honda have selected SAP Commerce Cloud. They have been joined by Chinese hotel supply-chain platform GPP, who selected the solution to deliver eCommerce experiences to customers.

SAP Commerce Cloud helps business deliver omnichannel buying experiences with a cloud-native eCommerce solution. Industry research suggests consumers are demanding personalized shopping and attentive customer service.

Virgin Megastore win

The company strategy is to focus on its customers’ digital experience. The company is an international retailing chain focused on music, film, and lifestyle entertainment. It implemented SAP Commerce Cloud to create an omnichannel experience as an extension to its successful retail stores. The company was particularly sensitive of the need to enhance the experiences of digital-savvy customers. The company recently co-sponsored research with the Centre for Economics and Business Research exploring the importance of digital transformation. The research suggested sustained investment in transformative digital technologies could help grow UK GDP by £232bn (6.9%) by 2040.

The research, also explored how more digital ways of working can support the UK’s economic recovery from COVID-19. It found investment in technology could boost the economy by £74bn in 2025. According to Peter Kelly, Managing Director of Virgin Media Business, “Moves to accelerate digital adoption are driving extraordinary outcomes. This will help to revolutionise how organisations work, deliver for customers, and provide vital services for our communities. Through investing in our digital future we will support new growth.

China customer experience wins

Another contract win for SAP was Sundiro Honda. The company manufactures motorcycles and electric vehicles in China. The company has launched more than 50 models of motorcycles with Honda advanced technology. To support business development, Sundiro Honda chose SAP Commerce Cloud to build a new eCommerce platform to improve dealer service, engage end customers and support the new business model.

GPP is the global hotel supply chain platform for Jinjiang International, one of the largest hotel tourism groups in China. GPP selected SAP Commerce Cloud to build an e-commerce platform, with the goal of developing a new business and revenue stream for hotel supplies. Amid the pandemic, GPP ensured the group’s smooth business operation on this e-commerce platform.

(Image credit/Pixabay/Nuno Pedro)
Nuno Pedro, head of Commerce at SAP Customer Experience.

Retailers today have an incredible opportunity to understand, engage and transact with consumers if they greet their customers with a robust e-commerce platform from the moment the customer signals interest,” said Nuno Pedro, head of Commerce at SAP Customer Experience. “SAP Commerce Cloud respects the customer throughout their online buying process, delivering the same quality service and ambiance that consumers value in stores.

AppGyver Oy acquistion

February has been a busy month for SAP. The SAP recently announced the acquisition of Finnish-based AppGyver Oy. The company is a developer of no-code development platforms. This enables users with no coding skills to build applications for Web and mobile uses.

SAP says the acquisition will help customers and partners adapt their IT systems efficiently to their specific needs. AppGyver’s solutions will become part of SAP Business Technology Platform. It is expected that the acquisition will also broaden SAP’s offering in the area of business process intelligence. SAP suggests it will also complement SAP’s low-code offering provided by partner Mendix Tech BV, part of the Siemens AG.

Earlier in the month, SAP launched a new single marketplace for solutions and services from SAP and its partners. The new marketplace merges SAP App Center for partner solutions with SAP Store for SAP solutions. The new consolidated marketplace, called SAP Store simplifies the shopping experience of customers making their journeys to the intelligent enterprise. The SAP store will be available at store.sap.com.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business?

SAP Commerce Cloud is part of the SAP Customer Experience. The platform is impressive and shows the company is taking the customer experience seriously. It provides users with a seamless digital journey, from search to sale and a smooth shopping experience. With global eCommerce set to grow rapidly, as consumers shun the high street and embrace digital platforms. It makes perfect sense for SAP to continue to evolve its products by acquiring AppGyver low-code codebase. Any solution that makes development easier, more plug and play is beneficial. Therefore, as a result, providing the customer with a more positive experience, is a step in the right direction. It will also ensure SAP continues winning more contracts across the globe.



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