Quill Accounts Cloud Image by Mabel Amber from PixabayTo coincide with International Accounting day Oracle NetSuite launched a new program called SuiteAccountants. The new program aims to help Accountants support clients that use NetSuite. This new Channel partner program aims to bring more accounting firms into the NetSuite ecosystem, making it easier to engage with one of the leading cloud ERP solutions. The announcement was made by Ranga Bodla, VP of Industry Marketing, Oracle NetSuite. Bodla noted: “At NetSuite, we recognize accounting is transforming and that accountants need the right tools and technology to deliver the best possible results. To help accountants on this quest, we are introducing a new program called SuiteAccountants.”

Ranga Bodla, VP of Industry Marketing, Oracle NetSuite Image credit Linkedin/Ranga Bodla
Ranga Bodla, VP of Industry Marketing, Oracle NetSuite

For each customer that an accounting firm has, NetSuite will grant a single licence free of charge to both the client and the Accountancy firm to access the clients NetSuite solution. This enables accountants to support their client’s businesses. Furthermore, they have access to the powerful financial reporting that NetSuite provides to help them advise clients better.

For smaller organisations with fewer license requirements, this is a significant benefit to both the business and the accountant. With the pandemic still causing lockdowns, it means that the accountant can quickly review a clients business without leaving their home. Certainly, they can do so while maintaining social distancing.

Training offer

Accountants joining the program can also benefit from a 30% discount on training from NetSuite Training Services. SuiteTraining courses are NASBA CPE approved, and CPE credits available for both live group training (Group Live) and individual self-paced training (Group Internet Based Delivery). There is no indication whether and international accounting boards have also approved the courses. SuiteTraining does offer NetSuite certifications for both administrators and users.

NetSuite is also providing free access to instructor-led training sessions through NetSuite Online Learning for SuiteAccounting members.

Refer Clients to Netsuite for additional revenue

The third advantage of joining SuiteAccountants is the ability to earn from referring clients to NetSuite. With many companies looking to replace on-premise solutions, NetSuite is hoping to get leads from Accountants. The accountants will benefit to the tune of a 10% commission on the first year license revenue from the new NetSuite customers. There are some notable exceptions in the terms and conditions of the NetSuite Referral Partner Programme. This includes ineligibility if the client is already a customer of Oracle.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

The surprising thing about this announcement is that it has not happened before. It is a logical step for NetSuite to woo accounting firms. This level of agreement lies between the standard referral partner and two more sophisticated ones, BPO Partner and Alliance partner.  In some ways, it provides a stepping stone for either. Accountants that are more technically focused may wish to start understanding how to implement NetSuite. This would place them on a path to becoming an alliance partner. The other, more likely path is where accountants learn how to use and administrate NetSuite for their clients, it is a smaller step to becoming a BPO partner.

NetSuite did not highlight either of these potential paths. Also, there is no indication that it has provided a support environment for Accountants joining the program such as a dedicated forum, or some other means of communication or portal between NetSuite and members of the new program. If this program is successful, not just in gaining new members but ultimately in delivering leads, it will be interesting to see how NetSuite enhances it in the future.


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