(Image credit/Pixabay/RawPixel)Hussey Coding has launched a new open marketplace for UK Magento talent. Developer Connection aims to provide an effective, low cost service for UK Magento store owners to connect with quality local development talent.

Hussey Coding has been developing Magento professionally since 2010, working with all versions of the framework. Its clients include retailers like Argos. The company has also worked with Magento development agencies such as The Pixel.

(Image credit/Hussey Coding)
Jonathan Hussey, Founder and Director at Developer Connection

According to Developer Connection Director and founder, Jonathan Hussey: “We developed Magento for a wide range of stores and clients. We realised that many of the existing methods for connecting Magento clients and developers in the UK have major down-sides. The main issue is the additional costs incurred by both parties which massively impact every user.”

Dealing with the downsides

Hussey believes most Magento developers have just come to accept these downsides as the norm and learnt to work with them. However, Hussey Coding wanted to change what has become the norm, and solve the issues found when using other services.

Developer Connection aims to provide a viable and cost effective alternative because it takes a different approach to others. Each developer profile shows the specific development skills and experience of the developer, including areas of specialisation. Hiring organisations can review the developers Magento experience, references from previous clients and open source contributions. Relevant forum or similar external profiles are also gathered, in addition to Magento certification.

This gives a clear indication of how experienced and capable the developer is considered by others. It will also show hiring organisations how they interact with the Magento development community. Having this level of detail streamlines the hiring process for store owners by answering relevant questions on every profile.

Expected benefits

  • Low service cost. Developer Connection do not take any recurring fees from work undertaken. The company says this means clients pay less and developers earn more.
  • The new platform provides in-depth project specifications and developer profiles for better, quicker decision making.
  • It automatically, and instantly, matches developers to clients by looking at project specifications and developer skills and experience.
  • Developer availability is automatically managed so there’s no second guessing on whether they have the hours to work.
  • Creating and hiring development teams is quick and easy. Hiring companies can find developers from a solo freelancer right up to full development agency teams.

Hussey suggests: “Developer Connection gives effective, instant access to Magento clients and developers in the UK. Intelligent matching logic is used. Organisations can be confident that every matched developer or team has the needed skills and experience. This streamlines the process of finding the right developers or connecting the right clients saving you both time and money.

Enterprise Times: What this means?

Much has been written about the current skills shortage. The shortage exists in the UK, Europe, North America and pretty much of the rest of the world. There’s plenty of agencies and platforms like Upwork or Freelancer that match client and developer. However, these platforms do not monitor the quality of the resources or the quality of their work.

Magento has one of the most dynamic and enthusiastic developer communities. Talking to Magento Live 2019 event delegates in Amsterdam, makes it clear that Magento has a serious commune of evangelists.

Magento developers are passionate about improving their platform. In workshops, they strive to develop to develop new functionality or widgets or improve code quality. Consequently, a new service such as Developer Connection, that attempts to more accurately connect supply and demand, makes total sense.


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