Innovation IMage credit Pixabay/jarmolukEnterprise Times sat down with Neil Sholay, Vice President Digital Innovation at Oracle, to talk about Oracle Next. Oracle Next is a co-innovation program that assists companies start their digital journey though a design methodology. It is either delivered through an engagement with Sholay’s team or using the materials on the methodology that Oracle provides freely on their site.

The initial engagement, in fact the first three stages, is initially often delivered free of charge. Sholay explains how it works for both large and mid-sized organisations. He explains the process in detail, sharing how rather than build prototypes they build pilots. It can apply to both product and service companies.

Sholay also talks about how the benefits are identified and built into a business case as part of the process. This is also a co-innovation and Oracle will work with the company. Part of the process is building teams and Sholay describes how this is done and the importance of communication to the process.

Nail Sholay, Vice President Digital Innovation at Oracle (Image credit Linkedin)
Nail Sholay, Vice President Digital Innovation at Oracle

Companies often do not know what they need to do. They may just have an idea. Sholay gives the example of Melia Hotels whose innovation project was born out of a trip to Disneyworld. It is important to frame that idea before ideation and certainly before rushing into building a prototype. It has echoes of service design, one of the disciplines that Sholay has drawn from to develop Oracle Next.

This is not just about delivering Oracle Technology to fit a problem. Oracle works with third party partners to deliver areas that are missing. Sholay reveals how Oracle is delivering the innovation service and helping companies create their own innovation teams.

To hear more of what Sholay had to say listen to the podcast.

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