Cezanne HR has announced an update to its performance management solution with the addition of Check-ins and Goals. Continuous performance management has been around for some time, but organisations have been slow to adopt it.

Cezanne HR has further improved its support of the trend with two additions to its employee performance management system. Check-ins enable an increased frequency of communication between managers and staff. It has also improved its goals functionality to enable employees to better measure progress and receive timely coaching.

Better collaboration drive performance

The update provides a collaborative online forum where managers and employees can keep their conversation going. Goals can be updated, added and progress against them measured. This data is then fed back into the HR system. It provides managers with a single location where they can measure the progress of their whole team. It also allows them to identify those quieter individuals who need support or praise.

The system allows both employees and managers to set the cadence of communication. They can also personalising their HR experience to suit their personality at a given moment in their career. This is important as it enables managers to ensure they keep in touch with employees working on long term projects. It means they don’t have to connect as frequently as when they are working in a new role and need extra support.

John Hixon, Cezanne HR’s Director of R&D commented: “We’re really excited about this new feature. When we canvassed customers about what additions they would like to see to Cezanne HR, better support for check-ins and agile goals was high on the list of priorities. It’s a reflection of how hard HR teams are working at finding better and more engaging ways to support their people, and the value they put on having the right technology in place to help them achieve their ambition.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This is a small but significant update. Its success will be determined by whether employees want to access an HR system as well as their daily work. Integrating with Slack or MS Teams to engage on this solution might be a good next step for Cezanne HR.

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