(image credit/Pixabay/rawpixel)AUDIENCEX, a provider of digital marketing solutions for mid-market businesses has announced an exclusive partnership with Marin Software. Marin Software is a supplier in ad management solutions for performance-driven advertisers and agencies.

Under the terms of the partnership, AUDIENCEX becomes the official provider of the MarinOne platform for mid-market brands and agencies. MarinOne unifies search, social, and eCommerce advertising within a single platform. This enables advertisers to maximise the results of their digital campaigns by giving them a single view of the customer. Through this partnership, AUDIENCEX’s clients now have an expanded ability to drive efficient, scalable cross-channel advertising growth.

Aiming at mid-market companies

Since its inception, AUDIENCEX has focused on the mid-market. It has empowered advertisers with enterprise class martech not normally available to them. The company has partnerships with several premium partners that enhance its mission. AUDIENCEX’s partnership with Marin Software exemplifies this by making MarinOne available to more digital marketers.

We are thrilled to embark on this strategic partnership with Marin Software,” said AUDIENCEX CEO and executive chairman, Reeve Benaron. “It’s another step in our mission to empower marketers of all sizes with the tools needed to drive measurable growth. Now, the mid-market can enjoy the same clarity, quality, cohesion, and control of their omnichannel campaigns as the enterprise. However, without enterprise level commitments. We couldn’t be more optimistic about the impact this will have for agencies and brands alike.

Fulfilling the need for cross-channel advertising

(Image credit/LinkedIn/Chris Lien)
Chris Lien, Founder & CEO at Marin Software

Partnering with AUDIENCEX marks a milestone for Marin Software,” said Chris Lien, Founder & CEO at Marin Software.

Every day, our platform helps marketers drive clear, measurable results for their businesses. Now, in partnership with AUDIENCEX, we are delighted that more marketers will be able to enjoy higher efficiency and transparency in their search, social, and ecommerce campaigns.”

According to a survey of IAB committee members, 57% of digital marketers expect cross-channel advertising measurement and attribution to occupy most of their time and resources in 2019. The report highlights the need for cohesive and efficient cross-channel solutions in time and resource constrained mid-market advertisers.

AUDIENCEX COO and co-founder Jason Wulfsohn notes: “The customer journey is nonlinear, transcending devices and platforms. To truly engage audiences in a meaningful way, marketers need — and deserve — full-funnel, omnichannel solutions. Today, with MarinOne, we’re delivering on that need to better empower the mid-market and elevate the state of digital advertising.”

Enterprise Times: What this means for businesses?

Brands today face a variety of challenges in their efforts to utilise and implement actionable insights from customer data. One of the key problems is that different internal departments ‘own’ different data sets. Businesses are often internally structured to use data in siloed organisational infrastructures.

The interest in cross-channel advertising efficiencies is part of a trend to captivate fractured audiences in the moments that matter. The goal is to capture the information at those moments of truths irrespective of device or channel.

Marketers, publishers, marketing service providers, and technology developers expect their spending on data and data-related services to increase in 2019. This is according to IAB Data. – “The Outlook for Data 2019: A Snapshot Into the Evolving Role of Audience Insight.”

The big players like Amazon and Alibaba already have all the necessary infrastructure to support this trend. Marin Software’s partnership with AUDIENCEX potentially provides medium-sized enterprises with the opportunity for more sophisticated marketing. It also provides a chance to improve their return of investment on their increasing spend on data.


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