HR HCM Spotlight Image credit Pixabay/TumisuEnterprise Times spoke to Reed Shaffner, Vice President of Product Strategy, Cornerstone at UNLEASH London. Shaffner was founder and Co-CEO of Workpop before its acquisition by Cornerstone last September. The conversation covered how Cornerstone is targeting a wide market both in the US and Europe.

Shaffner talks about delivering training in the flow of work. It is a mantra that Cornerstone is progressing to deliver a modern learning experience into applications where employees work.

Reed Shaffner, Vice President, Product Strategy at Cornerstone
Reed Shaffner, Vice President of Product Strategy, Cornerstone

While Shaffner agrees that there is likely to be consolidation in the HR Tech industry, he also believes that companies need to open up their ecosystems and integrate with startup applications. He sees this demand being driven by customers as much as the companies themselves. It is an approach that Cornerstone agrees with and Shaffner sees Cornerstone as a startup and integration friendly company.

We discuss the gig economy and how that impacts learning in the modern workplace. Will blockchain be a technology that companies use to validate certification? How is recruitment changing? Shaffner commented : “Right now in recruiting we are seeing a lot more  innovation probably more so than any other space at the moment because it is so broken.”

Shaffner tells ET the Cornerstone approach to the constantly evolving technology landscape of both recruitment and selection. He advocates a hybrid approach where it will build some in house but will also partner where appropriate. The conversation also covers AI and analytics and how Cornerstone will help to deliver predictive insights for HR leaders.

To hear more of what Shaffner had to say listen to the podcast.

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