ProcessPro has announced the release of its Cultivation Management System. The solution, powered by the ProcessPro manufacturing ERP is customised to provide industry specific requirements. This latest solution brings together functionality that supports the grower from R&D through seed-to-sale and farm-to-fork capabilities

Joe Blauert, ProcessPro General Manager commented: “We’re dedicated to utilizing our depth of experience in regulated markets to develop industry-leading functionality in our ERP solutions. The Cultivation Management System allows our clients to seamlessly integrate their growing operations with sales and manufacturing while maintaining traceability and compliance.”

Targeting the Cannabis Industry?

ProcessPro targets the growing Cannabis Industry, and is a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA). The specific features of the new product relevant to the cannabis industry include:

  • Lot and plant tracking for regulatory compliance including THC, CBD and other attributes
  • Inventory tracking from soil-to-oil with real-time tracking of plants including buds, flowers and terpenes
  • R&D functionality to support the creation of new extractions, infusions and concentrates
  • Built-in cannabis accounting solution, eliminating the need for dual-data entry
  • Established formula and recipe management system
  • Track and manage costs incurred in the cultivation and manufacturing process
  • Intelligent reporting tools for in-depth analysis and forecasting
  • Integration with Metrc, BIOTRACK THC and Leaf Data System’s for compliance and state-specific reporting
  • Recall preparedness plans

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

With its ERP, ProcessPro primarily targets process manufacturing industries. However, this latest vertical industry announcement should enable it to reach some other micro-verticals and not just the cannabis industries. Detailed information on the new solution is not available on the ProcessPro website and the only mention it has is on the Cannabis Industry page. It is therefore difficult to speculate whether this offers much new for industries such as nutraceutical or similar micro-verticals.


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